Wednesday 26 November 2014

Day 84...

WEDNESDAY 26.11.14 - I am thankful for... Surprises!

I told you all I'd show the work crafty "surprise" when we revealed it. Tada! Today is the day! Two colleagues of mine made a paper chain of everyone who works in our Cardiology Level 1 department! I was able to help out a little. Every paper person has something unique to the person it represents. There are people in their uniforms, doctors with stethoscopes, people with flags representing the country they are from, people with the fancy things they love, funny hair and hats, and even our cardiac MRI specialist inside an MRI machine! We were so happy with how everyone turned out. It's a little Christmas surprise, but more so a celebration of the people in our department, the people who make it run as we have a few people who don't celebrate Christmas but felt everyone should be included. There we many "wow"s and "that's awesome"s and laughs as more and more staff saw the creation. My favourite comment so far was from a doctor who said "there's a lot of love on that wall". And she's right. We took the time to think of each and every person individually and with a positive result. On another surprise note, I also bought my boyfriend a small surprise and can't wait for him to see it when I see him on Friday!  So I love surprises, giving them to people more than receiving them. I love to see the joy I can bring to peoples lives.

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