Sunday 23 November 2014

Day 80... and still going :)

SATURDAY 22.11.14 - I am thankful for... Celebrating Hen's nights

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Tonight we went out to a Cabaret Magic Show and dinner to celebrate my friend from church's hen's night. The show was great, full of illusion, dance, bad accents, appearing rabbits and flying birds (into my other friend's face in one instance!). The last trick went wrong and two out of the three magicians thought it was so hilarious they had trouble keeping their composure... which just made us laugh even harder! I'm really bummed as I realised I didn't take any photos! It was quite dark in the theatre restaurant and it was so much fun that honestly I didn't think of it, so used a picture from the internet, sorry! As much fun as we had, it was a great opportunity for the 'hen' to just relax and have a great night, with the rest of us celebrating her as a person and friend of ours. It looks like she had a fabulous night too! Earlier this year we organised a Hen's Day for my bestie before her wedding. Unfortunately through the wedding process there is always a person or two who decide that their opinion is most important, even more important than the couple getting married and do things their own way. When my other bestie, the bride's sister and I organised my besties we made sure that the decisions were 100% in line with what she wanted. We added in the surprise of a limo ride but she knew everything else that was happening and she still says it was one of her most favourite nights ever. It really did turn out well. Weddings can be stressful so I'm thankful there are days like Hen's Days/Nights for other people to take over so the bride can just relax and let her hair down, in the most tasteful way possible of course!

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