Thursday 20 November 2014

Day 77...

WEDNESDAY 19.11.14 - I am thankful for... Games

Seeing as this week has been a pretty tough one, I asked my boyfriend to bring over a board game or something for us to play tonight, to keep my mind active and maybe a little distracted. He brought over a dice game called Greed (I forgot to take a picture, was too engrossed in the game, so took this one from the internet), which I'd never played before and quite enjoyed. It's a little like Yahtzee (if you know that game) where you have to roll dice combinations to get a certain amount of points. It turns out we became a little competitive, going for best of 3 games. Sadly, he won. My family and I have always loved playing board games. Scrabble was common and my mother and nan are very hard to beat, my most recent memory of my nan, mum, sister and I playing in a common room at Cradle Mountain caravan park, with a bottle of wine and sitting by a fire! Scattergories is another one which we play quite often - my mum and sister like to make up words, but I keep them in line! When my sister and I were little we loved playing Trouble with the popping dice contraption in the middle of the board. And who could go past Mousetrap or Monopoly! I think board games are a great way for people to spend quality time together. Depending on your level of competitiveness, which may lead to some arguments, generally they are fun and produce quite a bit of laughter. We just don't spend as much time with loved ones due to our hectic lives. Games allow you to not get distracted (I'm talking about old fashion physical games, not digital) and focus on each other and what's happening. You also need to use skills like problem solving, maths, literacy and strategy so it keeps your mind active. Therefore I'm thankful for games and the people who invent them, for the entertainment they provide and brain power they require!
Oh and update from yesterday's post: The "friend" actually apologised as in used the word "sorry". I was quite grateful, that's all I really wanted was acknowledgement :)

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