Sunday 9 November 2014

Day 66...

SATURDAY 8.11.14 - I am thankful for... being on call

*The cath lab at work where we do life saving angiograms for heart attacks

For my job I participate in an on call roster, and this is my weekend on. The on call team is called in whenever a patient presents with a life threatening heart attack. It means we pretty much have to drop whatever we are doing and get to the hospital as soon as we can. Being on call can be sometimes tedious, boring or get called in at awful hours of the late night/early morning. I was called in around 7pm tonight and got home around 10pm, so pretty convenient hours for me at least. Even though I've been doing it a few years, I feel a little nervous every time we get called in, mainly for the patient and that we as a team can do everything as best we can to help save the patient. It's very rare to lose a patient, but it does happen, it's in the nature of what we do. But on the most often occasions where everything goes well and we stabilize the patient, you come away feel really good and satisfied with the job you've done. I have a great bond with all the people I do on call with and we all work really well as a team, which is so important. Though it's not an easy job, though it can be stressful and go very badly very quickly, I am thankful I get the opportunity to be part of a team that is there for someone at possibly one of the worse moments in their lives to date, to be hope for that person and help them. It's incredibly rewarding.

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