Sunday 23 November 2014

Day 78...

THURSDAY 20.11.14 - I am thankful for... Bubble wrap!

Come on. You know you agree with me. Bubble wrap is awesome, no matter how old you are! I received a parcel today with Christmas presents I had ordered online. As some of the goods were a little fragile they came wrapped in bubble wrap, the large bubble one. My housemate's children found it and just had a fabulous time squeezing, running on and jumping all over the bubble wrap trying to burst all the bubbles. I'm pretty sure if the apartments weren't so sound proof we would have had complaints there was that much noise of childish enjoyment! My housemate was even a little disappointed there was none left for him! I don't know what it is, but everyone I know has a certain level of fascination with it. Whether its a stress release, cathartic and therapeutic tool or just plain fun, bubble wrap is a simple enjoyment for people of all ages. Oh, and as an added bonus its great to wrap fragile items for transport too.

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