Saturday 15 November 2014

Day 73...

SATURDAY 15.11.14 - I am thankful for... Remedial Massage!

I have been hanging out for my massage appointment ALL WEEK! When I was 14, my mum, sister and I were in a car accident. A minor one, but we were rear ended by a car travelling at high speed. Since then we all have needed physio and massage on a semi regular basis, due to whiplash injury. It's been a few months since my last one, so I had some pretty nasty knots in my upper back and neck. The fact I've just gotten back into boot camp probably doesn't help either. This afternoon I had an 1 hour remedial massage and it was exactly what I needed! I have been going to this place for over a year now and they are fantastic. It can be relaxing, but painful if the knots are tight enough. The next few days after are a little stiff but long term I feel so much better. I think I have been getting massages for so long now I can't imagine not having them. But I am aware that it really is a first world luxury that not everybody can afford (but thankfully its claimable on your health fund!). I am thankful I have the ability and the means to afford remedial massage, something I will never take for granted.

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