Saturday 8 November 2014

Day 64...

THURSDAY 6.11.14 - I am thankful for... Movies based on real events

*Theatrical poster for Oranges and Sunshine
Spending the day at home sick, feeling sorry for myself, there wasn't much else to do between sleeping than watch TV. Day time television isn't the most exciting to watch but I happened across a midday movie I decided to watch called 'Oranges and Sunshine'.  It's based on the life of a British woman named Margaret Humphreys, a social worker, who uncovered the scandal of the "home children" where children from poor families were forcibly removed from homes and relocated to either Australia or Canada. The movie follows the process of her discovering what happened and reuniting families whilst bringing worldwide attention to what happened. She listens as most of these children were not put in foster care or adopted but placed in institutions of hard labour and horrific lifestyles. I was completely drawn in from the beginning. After watching it I did what I usually do after something sparks my interest, I researched it. Why had I not heard about this? Why had this terrible lapse in judgement by the British and Australian governments not been made known, that resulted I the awful upbringing for these young children? Then I read that it was only as recently as 2010 that the governments recognised this atrocity. There are so many great movies that recount real events, especially war, natural disaster and famous crimes movies. Obviously I am aware that in some cases the movies can "Hollywood-ise" such events and they may not be exactly truthful, but I appreciate knowing significant events and people in history, so I enjoy these movies and am very thankful they are being made and continue to be made.

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