Monday 3 November 2014

Day 59...

SATURDAY 1.11.14 - I am thankful for... Water

Though I love summer and prefer hot weather to cold weather, today was very hot. The air-conditioning in our hotel room wasn't quite working properly, so our room was a bit stuffy when we woke this morning. After a lovely breakfast, my bestie went off to her conference session for the day and I went off to my Zumba class. It was quite fortunate we were staying about a 5-10min walk away from my usual Saturday morning class! There were so many people in the class today that everyone was dying of the heat afterwards; I was as red as a tomato and I must have gone through my entire water bottle in about 45mins! On the way back to the hotel I walked past the harbour and took the picture above, the water looked so inviting I wanted to just dive in! I also went to the hairdressers to get my hair done for the Gala Formal Dinner we attended tonight, as did my bestie, and halfway through it absolutely bucketed down with rain. Luckily, it had subsided so we didn't ruin out hairdos before the ball (First World problems, right?). When thinking about what I was thankful for today it did seem quite obvious... water. I am thankful that we can drink water to replenish our thirst. I am thankful we can swim in water at the beach, in a pool or lake (NOT the Sydney Harbour) for recreation and to cool down. I am thankful that here we have an abundance of water to bathe in and wash our hands to keep clean. I am thankful we have rain to water our earth when it needs it. Whilst I'm aware that water can be a strong and unforgiving force of nature (flooding and drought) there is no way we could ever live without it. Afterall, our own bodies are 70% water! Even though it seems to us that water is "always there", it's not the case for everyone around the world. I choose to not take it for granted.

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