Sunday 9 November 2014

Day 65... Only 300 days to go! Oh boy...

FRIDAY 7.11.14 - I am thankful for... Choices

*Which colour would you chose?

At youth group tonight we started by playing the 'Chalk Chase'. For those who don't know, a team head off to design a trail using arrows for the other team to follow, whilst trying to throw off the other team by drawing false arrows that lead away from their track. The second team follow the first team after a given time and try to catch them. Of course, you might come to a point where there are 2 arrows pointing in 2 different directions and you have to chose which one to follow. If you're correct, the arrows continue, if not you'll find a cross and have to turn back the other way. It got me thinking how much of life is made up by the choices we make. There's everyday choices like what to eat for breakfast, what to wear for the day etc. And then there's the big life choices like what university degree to choose, what house to buy, what to name your child etc... There are good choices that continue you on your path and not so good choices where you might have to back track a little. Then there are times when you don't have a choice. When life deals you a hand whether you like it or not. All of us experience that from time to time, and you feel powerless because you have no say it what has happened, but you do have a choice on how to deal with it. The little choices we take for granted, such as what to eat or wear, may be just like that for people who have little to no food or no possessions to their name due to poverty or circumstance. So therefore I value choice in my life, because if I have choices then I have more than enough to live. I have freedom.

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