Thursday 20 November 2014

Day 75...

MONDAY 17.11.14 - I am thankful for... Hospitals

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This might sound a little biased coming from me seeing as I work in one, but I really am thankful for hospitals. Even though the staff and facilities are often stretched beyond capacity, we generally have a high standard of care, in comparison to a lot of other countries. We had a gentleman come in to get his pacemaker checked today and it was pretty obvious as we checked it that there was something wrong with the lead that goes into his heart to deliver the electrical impulse to make the heart beat. This particular patient is completely dependent on his pacemaker, without it his heart wouldn't beat that much at all. So knowing there was an issue with this vital lead which could become a major problem at any moment, we were not comfortable sending him home. A doctor examined him, agreed and admitted the patient into the hospital so he could have this problem corrected. Of course, the process usually takes an hour or two, but being a public hospital that's pretty good. There are places around the world were it's not so easy to get the medical care you need. Hospitals have been providing medical care en mass for generations now. Even though there are times when you feel it might be a hassle to go or waiting in the emergency department for hours seems too long, know that hospitals and their staff are always doing the best they can, and be thankful here in Australia we have hospitals that can provide for our needs.

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