Tuesday 11 November 2014

Day 67...

SUNDAY 9.11.14 - I am thankful for... Scrapbooking!

A friend of mine introduced me to scrapbooking when we were in high school. I always thought it was a fun and interesting way to display your memories in your photos, but never thought I could do it myself. She showed me that its not that hard, providing you have a little imagination. Since then I have done several scrapbooks, mainly for other people's birthdays (with very positive feedback too) and have started one for myself, chronicling my adventures overseas. Now, I would most definitely not say that I am an expert, or even really that good at it, but I really enjoy the process of creating something unique, something that I can look back on that evokes the memories I'm trying to preserve. I have always been much better at physically designing things, like craft type activities, than digitally (hopeless!) so this is the best way I know how. This is the year of getting back to doing things I love. And hopefully (providing it lasts long enough) when I have children they will get some enjoyment when looking through it.

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