Saturday 17 January 2015

Day 128...

FRIDAY 9/1/15 - I am thankful for... Friday arvo catch ups!

It's a little sad we had to plan it about a month in advance, because of our busy lives, but tonight a groups of friends from work and I had a great time catching up over drinks and nibbles. We did plan to go out for dinner, but due to bad weather and laziness we decided to hang at out my friend's house instead. A much better idea I think! It's been a long time that the group of us caught up outside of work, and bonus my friends got to meet my wonderful boyfriend! So I'm very thankful that after my first week back at work, I was able to wind down with a chilled afternoon with my friends. I did have to leave a little earlier than I would have liked, not feeling the best. Hope I'm not sick!

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