Monday 5 January 2015

Day 120... Still going :)

THURSDAY 1/1/15 - I am thankful for... Night swims

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2015 is a good year for all of you :)

I spent the morning sleeping in a little, considering I was up late last night! I don't do late nights much any more.. yes you can call me a nanna and I won't be offended. We then went to the rock pools for a swim - my mum, sister and boyfriend hadn't been before. The water was a poo brown colour unfortunately due to the heavy rains, we we enjoyed it none the less. We also enjoyed another beach swim, and got some dinner. My sister suggested we go for a night swim in the pool in our apartment complex. Much to our delight the 3 of us had the pool all to ourselves! For most of the time, until a young couple decided to come and show us their PDAs in the spa. Thankfully that didn't last long! Besides that I really enjoyed our night swim. The weather was nice and warm, the pool cooler and we just swam around chatted for a while. Soooo very relaxing! I am thankful that our complex had a pool we could swim in tonight, might have to be the last one before we leave :(

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