Thursday 1 January 2015

Day 115...

SATURDAY 27/12/14 - I am thankful for... Coolangatta - our annual holiday place!

*Rainbow Bay, Coolangatta - taken by me :)

For the last 15 years or so (with the exception of last year - we went to Tasmania instead) we have been coming to Coolangatta for the New Year week every year. It started off as just a long weekend, then progressed to a week, then 2 weeks, now back to 1 week as we got older and busier. It is by far one of my favourite places to come. The beaches are spectacular, the people friendly and vibe is very relaxed and family orientated. For me, it feels like anyone can come here and have a good time, there's no pressure to feel or be a certain way and everyone is welcome. There have been some places at the beach where I have gone before and, as I'm not the most 'bikini ready' person, feel out of place and very self conscious. But not here. That's my personal opinion of course. So I'm really REALLY looking forward to spending the week here, have been waiting for it for months! I have always loved the beach and find it relaxing and rejuvenating, so I'm thankful we have a place at the Gold Coast that does that for my family and I. Let's just hope this rainy weather gets a bit better! Darn you rain...

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