Saturday 3 January 2015

Day 118...

TUESDAY 30/12/14 - I am thankful for... Swimming in the surf!

*Snapper Rocks, Coolangatta - taken by me :)

Guess what happened this morning? SUNSHINE! So off to the beach we went. I absolutely LOVE swimming at the beach, in case I haven't mentioned it already or you hadn't guessed. What's not to love? The constant flow of the water. The sun on your skin absorbing the vitamin D. Just not being at work is reason enough, and it's proven that the beach lowers stress levels. Scientific fact! I swear! So I'm very glad that the rain has subsided long enough for us to go, even if it's just this once (though I hope not!).  And thankfully the wonderful lifesavers were on duty. Those guys do such a great job! Makes the beach feel a whole lot safer. I love the beach so much that I can't imagine living too far away from it, got to be within driving distance. It makes me happy. So thankful you very much Mr Weather Man! Really appreciate you turning on great weather for swimming in the sea.

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