Thursday 1 January 2015

Day 116...

SUNDAY 28/12/14 - I am thankful for... Carnivals

*Coney Fair, Coolangatta - Taken by me :)

This time of year, every year, as long as I can remember, Coolangatta has had this summer carnival. It's awesome because it only operates at night. Now, it's not big by any means, it has a few kids rides, a few adult rides and a few games to play. My sister and I had dinner together (Best Indian food we have had in a while - Yum!) then our mum met up with us and we went for a walk around. We ended up at the carnival and decided to walk around. Whilst we didn't go on any of the rides, I had a whole lot of spare change with me so we tried to win a big toy for my sister (I can't take it home with me). Alas it wasn't meant to be, though we had fun trying, even if mum thought it was a waste of money. But I'm thankful for these little carnivals that are around the place. Providing a little holiday fun. Even if they cost a pretty penny. Weather here is still not great so hoping for some sun tomorrow!

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