Tuesday 31 March 2015

Day 203...

WEDNESDAY 25.03.15 - I am thankful for.., Getting my hair cut

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Another day, another ADO. Been looking forward to having a day off for a while now. Work has been so busy and after Sunday just past, I think I needed it! It turned out to be a really good day too. Met my friend in the city for lunch during her lunch hour, and dinner with my boyfriend out where he is working this week. Firstly though, I went to my hairdressers for a much needed hair cut. I enjoy going, especially the head massage you get when they wash your hair!  I'm not usually there very long either which is always a good thing and the people who work at the hairdressers are friendly and chatty without being gossips. And, thankfully and probably most important, I always feel a little better and a little lighter when they are finished. So today I am thankful I got to start my day with a fresh hair cut.

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