Monday 30 March 2015

Day 201...

MONDAY 23.03.15 - I am thankful for... Understanding colleagues!

*Picture from - what I felt like at 1am this morning!

Oh. My. Goodness. Yesterday was the biggest and busiest oncall I have ever done! It started at 1am Sunday and finished at 1am this morning. After being called in from 1-3am, 9:30 - 12pm, 3-530pm I got a call at 9pm to come back in for 2 cases, finishing just after 1am. Needless to say I and the rest of the cath lab team oncall were absolutely shattered! It was 2am before I got to bed. I had messaged my boss and colleague explaining to them how the day had panned out and how exhausted I was, asking if they minded if I took a sick day today to recover. I honestly thought If I had to get back up a 6am to be at work, I would be too tired worn out to drive and to work efficiently, could even be a little dangerous really being that sleep deprived. Of course, both my boss and colleague said they completely understood and it was OK by them. I cannot tell you how grateful I was. In all reality, they could have both said no as I do get paid well when we get called in, and I had already had 8hrs away from the hospital Saturday, and 8hrs on Sunday would mean I should be at work by 9-10am Monday morning. I was able to stay in bed until midday to get some sleep - even if my neighbours decided to whipper snipper their yard at 7am this morning. Obviously this is a very very rare occurrence and just pure bad luck for the team, but of course even worse for the patients experiencing the heart attacks. I am grateful that I was not only able to continue to do the work until 1am this morning, but that my colleagues were totally understanding enough for me to take a sick day to sleep.

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