Saturday 4 April 2015

Day 204...

THURSDAY 26.03.15 - I am thankful for... Paper

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 Listening to my phone messages this afternoon I automatically reached for my sticky notes to jot down the name and contact number of the person calling. It makes it easy for if I can't call the person back straight away, I can just stick it to my computer so I don't forget later. I was also doing some printing and needed to load the printer with printer paper, luckily the was some sitting right there next to it for me to use. These two simple everyday things I probably wouldn't have taken much notice of, much less remembered if I wasn't sitting here thinking of something I'm thankful for today. Paper in various forms has been around for centuries. It's so simple yet powerful and versatile. You can write stories, poems or assignments on it, or letters to loved ones near and far. You can use your imagination and create a drawing or painting. You can read wonderful stories from books, newspapers and magazines from it. Nations first established theirs laws by writing or printing them on paper. Contacts are forged on paper. And of course, there's paper aeroplanes! Just think of all the instances you use paper of a daily basis, and now try and think what you would do without it. Not so easy it is? I am thankful today that paper exists. From the simplest things to the most important, paper  will always be needed.

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