Monday 2 March 2015

Day 175...

WEDNESDAY 25.02.15 - I am thankful for Shopping Centres

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Yeah I know. It's a little bit of a superficial one today I'm afraid. There is a large shopping centre just down the road from work, about a 5 minute leisurely walk. I go there most days during my lunch break, if not to run some errands just to get out and stretch my legs. I'll admit, it's really convenient having it so close. I get a lot done during my lunch break that might need doing, which is hard at other times as the shops shut when I finish work. I was even able to do all my Christmas shopping that wasn't on-line during my lunch breaks, to avoid the crazy Christmas parking saga on the weekends. Winning! Shopping centres are a luxury and convenience for us here, and something I'm grateful for.

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