Sunday 29 March 2015

Day 197...

THURSDAY 19.03.15 - I am thankful for... The Sun

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It's definitely dark when I wake up nowadays, with the sun not rising until I arrive at work. Winter is definitely coming, although we should get a reprieve for a few weeks once daylight savings finishes. It has had me thinking how I miss waking up to the sun shining. Yes, the sun has been there for as long as the world has been around and will continue to be there long after we're gone. The sun wakes us up in the morning to show us a new day is here and sets to allow us to rest for the night. It provides warmth and light for all beings on the planet. It provides a food source for plants through photosynthesis, which in turn provides a food source for humans and animals alike. Without it, life on earth would completely cease to exist. An incredibly thought really. As summer is my favourite season, I am particularly thankful for the sun and the sunshine during summer so I can enjoy the outdoors. Though I don't enjoy the sunburn (my skin is quite susceptible to it) we only have ourselves to blame for ruining the ozone which was there to protect us. All in all today made me think how wonderful and important the sun is in my life, and the life of this earth.

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