Sunday 1 March 2015

Day 169...

THURSDAY 19.02.15 - I am thankful for...

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Another unremarkable day. Nothing bad happened. Nothing extraordinary happened. I went through the day trying to find something new to be thankful for. I'll admit I found it difficult today. It wasn't until I laid down in my bed and looked out my window I figured it out. Stars. The ones in the sky, not the famous people. Bright and glistening in the clear night sky, peering through my bedroom window as if to look in on me. I can't help but smile when I see them. It doesn't happen very often, at least not here in the city due to the light pollution. And there has been some rain lately with the clouds still hanging around at night. So it was with great pleasure I could look out and see them tonight. We might take them for granted, they have always been there and always will, but I'm thankful for the natural little balls of gas that light up the night sky. A beautiful, mysterious wonder I hope to see more often.

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