Sunday 1 March 2015

Day 171...

SATURDAY 21.02.15 - I am thankful for...Reducing medications

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I have been feeling so good lately, so much better than this time last year that's for sure! So I made an appointment with my GP, with some trepidation, to discuss the possibility of starting the process to come off of my antidepressant medication. She was very supportive of my decision and gave my instructions on how to do it, very slowly. It's a process that may take a few months to complete but I'm determined to do it properly the first time round. I am aware there could be some side affects but hopefully reducing the dosage in small amounts will minimize that. she even told me to come see her, if all I need is some support. how sweet is that? All in all I'm just so thankful that this is no longer a long term thing for me, that I am well enough and of sound mind to stop relying on medication. It's incredibly uplifting. Fingers crossed that in a few months it will all be over and done with.

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