Saturday 7 March 2015

Day 184...

FRIDAY 06.03.15 - I am thankful for...My legs

*Picture from - No these are NOT my legs!

What a CRAZY morning. With one of our staff members away, we are just a little busier than usual. I was doing ECGs for one of the doctor's clinics this morning, and by 12pm I looked at my vivofit and I had done nearly 11,000 steps! In half a day! No wonder I was feeling a little tired already. It's amazing the impact of being constantly on your feet for hours can have. I was thanking God that I had two, fully functioning legs, allowing me to do my job most efficiently. Many of our patients come in using some sort of aid to help them walk, or even in wheelchairs. Whether it's due to illness, injury, post surgery or just plain old age, we see many people come in who find it difficult to walk. I won't be taking my legs for granted again, that's for sure!

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