Monday 2 March 2015

Day 174...

TUESDAY 24.02.15 - I am thankful for... Clean drinking water

This morning, like every morning, I was filling up my water bottle from the tap at work ready to start the day. I got to thinking how lucky we are to have safe and clean drinking water. A lot of houses and work places have filtered water. I myself have a filtered water bottle. And even if you don't have either of these our drinking water here is Australia is a lot safer to drink than many other countries. I have heard so many stories of people only using bottled water when travelling, not getting ice in the drinks because the water may contain contaminants that you can't see. There are people living in poverty where their drinking water is actually poisonous to them because of the chemicals and parasites that live in the water. Now, I realise that I have been thankful for 'water' generically before in a previous blog, but I really think it's important to realise just how blessed we are to have safe, clean drinking water, a necessity to human preservation. So I am grateful I have clean water readily available for myself and those around me. I hope one day, everyone will have access to the same quality of drinking water we have here in Australia. It is a human right everybody deserves.

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