Thursday, 25 June 2015

Day 295...

THURSDAY 25.6.15 - I am thankful for... Hilarious videos!

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I came across the funniest video I have seen in a little while on my Facebook feed. I managed to find a still of it (pictured) on Google. It's about a 15 second video of this guy, shirtless and mallet in hand, swinging on the crane hook singing Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball' at the top of his lungs. Oh. My. Goodness. I found it so funny I was crying with laughter. I love a good funny video. They usually contain animals doing funny things, people taking the mickey out of themselves and parodies. I don't like watching people get hurt or hurt each other, I don't find that funny at all. Facebook is a good source for funny video clips, I find a lot of them on my feed. So today I am thankful for these videos. If you get a chance look up this video above. I hope you find it as hilarious as I do!

Day 294...

WEDNESDAY 24.6.15 - I am thankful for... Minions!

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Minions. The hilarious little banana loving, one or two eyed yellow creatures that have taken the world by storm! First seen in the Despicable Me series, they are so popular that they have their own movie. My friend and I went to see it today! It was quite good, it didn't disappoint. I honestly don't know anyone who doesn't like them! Today I am thankful for minions and going to see the movie with a good friend. It did make for an enjoyable day.

Day 293...

TUESDAY 23.6.15 - I am thankful for... My colleagues

Today was bittersweet. I am now officially on holidays ready for my epic European adventure. However it was the last day of working with one of my colleagues as she leaves to pursue her dream of working overseas. I am so blessed to work with such wonderful people. There's a group of four us
(pictured) that work closely together and we get on so well. But when I return, four will have become three and my office which I share with my leaving colleague, will be a little more empty. I am so thankful for the last 4 years working there so far, 3 years with all four of us working together. Not only are we colleagues but we are good friends too. So although I will miss her terribly, I am so excited for her to go and see the world and start a new adventure. I am so thankful for my colleagues. They definitely make coming to work easier and I am thankful they are my friends too.

Day 292...

MONDAY 22.6.15 - I am thankful for... Being busy

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I only have two work days this week until I'm on leave! And of course was busy. Really busy! But I'm actually glad it was because otherwise today would have dragged on and on, like it does when you're ready to finish up. It also wasn't too busy that I and my colleagues were stressed, just enough to keep the day sailing by smoothly. I am so thankful I had a busy day at work today. One more day to go!

Day 291...

SUNDAY 21.6.15 - I am thankful for... Learning new songs

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I may have mentioned it once, or twice, or 50 million times, but I'm a very musically orientated person. I am also fortunate enough to sing in the worship band at church. Tonight we learnt a new song, well it was new for me anyway. You know that feeling you get when a song just hits you? And you get goosebumps? That's how I felt when we as a band played this song in full for the first time. It's called Oceans (Where feet may fail) by Hillsong if you're wondering. I absolutely love it when that happens, when a song reaches your soul and once you know it you just want to sing or play it over and over again - but not too much or you'll get sick of it. Obviously it doesn't have to be a worship song, it can be any. I am thankful I got to learn a new song today for worship band. It's the last time I will get to sing for a while as I leave for my holiday on Friday afternoon!

Day 290...

SATURDAY 20.6.15 - I am thankful for... Patience

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Argh! There are some days when everything just seems to work against you! I really wanted to go to my Saturday Zumba class as it will be the last one for a while. It was a doomed trip from the start, the trains were not running through the city, the buses from Central through the city were not frequent enough so I decided to walk the rest of the way. However, due to the train arriving late and the 45min walk ahead of me I didn't make it. I was really, really annoyed and quite impatient the whole time. Looking back I feel rather silly, it was no-ones fault and just a series of unfortunate circumstances. And it's only a zumba class, not really incredibly important. Though I did not exhibit it today I am thankful for patience. It really is a virtue and often means the difference between coping with a situation and letting it get out of control. In those times we really need to calm ourselves down, remind ourselves there's nothing we can do about it and be patient. Whether it's lining up in a long queue, a traffic jam or waiting for transport, patience can really change your view on things. I will try and remember that next time.

Day 289...

FRIDAY 19.6.15 - I am thankful for... Plastic cups

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For something a little different at youth tonight we played Minute to Win It games. It was hilarious and a lot of fun. I was tasked with organising the games. Who knew the majority of the games used plastic cups?? This was very convenient and very cost effective ;) So much so we were able to save to cups so they could be used again for another church activity. I am today very thankful for those plastic cups and how they contributed to a night of fun and frivolity!

Day 288...

THURSDAY 18.6.15 - I am thankful for... The alarm on my phone

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Like most of you reading this (I imagine) I use the alarm on my phone pretty much everyday. I use it to wake me up for work and as a count down timer when I'm cooking and exercising. It is quite a handy little tool, especially as it's part of my phone which I use everyday anyway. So again, a simple and materialistic one today, but I really am thankful for the alarm on my phone.

Day 287...

WEDNESDAY 17.6.15 - I am thankful for... Peanut Butter

I have been eating peanut butter for as long as I can remember. Recently I discovered this brand. It is completely organic with nothing added. Basically its emulsified peanuts and it's delicious! Especially with celery! I am glad I found this as I don't feel so guilty when I eat it. Of course, as with all foods, moderation is key but not having anything bad added to your food is definitely a plus in my book. I am very thankful today for peanut butter. Yum yum!

Day 286...

TUESDAY 16.6.15 - I am thankful for... My pillow

Very quick and simple one today. I love my pillow. It is comfy and really helps me get a good nights sleep. It is a latex one so it cost a bit, but it was well worth it. Obviously there are many people who don't have the luxury of using a pillow to sleep on. Yes, I said luxury, because it really is. We are just so abundantly blessed here that it's easy to overlook simple things and think they are a necessity of life. They aren't. I am so very thankful for my pillow that contributes greatly to my sleep.

Day 285...

MONDAY 15.6.15 - I am thankful for... Vegetables

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I'll admit, I'm not the biggest fan of vegetables. I don't hate them, but I wouldn't say I love them either. In saying that I do love making broccoli chips - I cut the broccoli into bite size pieces, put a light coating of garlic and olive oil and put them in the oven to cook. Yum! As everyone knows, vegetables are incredibly healthy for you. They provide energy, help boast your immune system, contain important vitamins and minerals and so much more. I am glad I have developed a taste for them as I've grown, but in this day and age, with cooking and baking so popular in the TV world, there are just so many ways to prepare and eat them you are sure to find a way that suits you. I am thankful for vegetables and that they are readily available to me.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Day 284...

SUNDAY 14.6.15 - I am thankful for... Diversity

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Living in Australia most of us here are very used to diversity in people, culture, languages and cuisines. My high school in particular had students from many different countries and ethnicities, we even held a multicultural assembly every year to celebrate them. I wouldn't have it any other way. Diversity makes life so interesting. If it didn't exist it would be like only having one flavour of ice-cream, you'd probably enjoy it for a while but then get really bored with it. I love learning about people's history, where their family came from, their traditions. Maybe that's why I like travelling so much! I am thankful for diversity in all things, for making life extraordinary and exciting for everyone.

Day 283...

SATURDAY 13.6.15 - I am thankful for... Random acts of kindness
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As much as I love doing them myself, I love seeing people do random acts of kindness. It only has to be simple like picking something up that someone else dropped, opening doors for someone, carrying something for someone else. It can be the simplest thing that puts a smile on someone's face and makes their day. Today I saw a wards person taking an obviously disabled patient and their visitor somewhere in the hospital. The patient started singing a song, out loud, in front of everyone, and the wards person joined in. He too sang the song with the patient in front of everyone. He had no regard for what anyone else was thinking except the patient in his care. Wow. Just wow. It was truly beautiful and couldn't help but smile at the kind gesture. I am thankful for random acts of kindness and so glad I witnessed this one today.

Day 282...

FRIDAY 12.6.15 - I am thankful for... The dark


We played an interesting game at youth group tonight called Sardines. Basically, one person hides in the dark and everyone else has to try and find that person, in the dark. Once you find them, you hide silently with them until there's one person left. I joined in on the game and found it really difficult at first. Our church which we played in is exceptionally dark with no lights on. It wasn't scary but quite unnerving, just not being able to see where you are going. I took a turn in hiding too. It's amazing how quickly your eyes can adjust to the dark. After a while I could see somewhat and it wasn't so unnerving anymore. It was actually really peaceful. There are times in life that are like this, dark times that initially you can't see your way out of and it's scary, upsetting and raises anxiety. After a while, you start to adjust and can see with a different perspective, maybe its not so bad after all or you can see your way out. I am thankful for the dark. It can be a source of peace. Without the dark we can't recognise the light.

Day 281...

THURSDAY 11.6.15 - I am thankful for... Hearing

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Every time the fire alarm is tested at work I must jump at least a mile high. There is a speaker right above my test, and when the announcement is made that fire protection for the hospital are testing the alarm systems, it comes across really, really loudly. Then again, how blessed am I that I can hear the alarm. Hearing, along with the other senses is so crucial for us. Hearing allows us to be aware of danger like alarms, cars and other mechanical and electrical equipment. It allows us to enjoy music and shows. We can hear the voices and laughs from our loved ones. I can't even imagine what it would be like to be deaf, even partially. Though it is amazing that we have technology to assist those people to hear like hearing aids and Cochlear implants I am so thankful I have my hearing and for the devices that help those who don't.

Day 280...

WEDNESDAY 10.6.15 - I am thankful for... Free wine!

Last week I received an email from Virgin Australia thanking me for being a loyal customer and offered me two bottles of wine from their Virgin Wines collection. I came home today to find them sitting on my bench. How nice is that? A bottle of sauvignon blanc and cabernet sauvignon, both from a vineyard in Adelaide. Both are very nice (just had a sip of each) and the fact they are Australian wines is a plus for me. I'm not a very big drinker, and I seldom drink at home alone. However, as not to be rude from this kind gesture I think I will make an exception. I am thankful for these bottles of free wine today, as I am and should be with all things given to me for free.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Day 279...

TUESDAY 9.6.15 - I am thankful for... Warm jackets

Brrrr... it's cold in here! Winter has brought the dark and very cold mornings. It makes the walk from the car park to work a little more uncomfortable. So today's blog topic is quite simple. This weather makes me very thankful for a nice, warm jacket. I can't imagine trying to get through winter without it! Thankfully we don't have crazy winters here like they do overseas, but I'm still thankful I have a warmer jacket for our winter here.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Day 278...

MONDAY 8.6.15 - I am thankful for... Long weekends

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I woke up this morning realising it was a public holiday and I didn't have to go to work today! Woohoo! Though I didn't do too much, I took the time to relax, do some house work and have so important 'me' time. I'm trying to save money for my trip so was happy to stay home and do very little. I don't know anyone who doesn't love a long weekend. They are a good chance to go away with your family for the weekend, do something you don't have time or a chance to do on a normal weekend take on a project or just hang with friends and relax. All in all there are so many reasons to be thankful for a long weekend, I know I am certainly think so!

Day 277...

SUNDAY 7.6.15 - I am thankful for... Electricity

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Have you ever stopped to wonder how you would live without electricity? It's obviously possible, millions of people around the world do it everyday. But how would YOU cope without it? That's the question I asked myself today. There are a lot of things, menial everyday things I need electricity for. I cook/heat my food using the stove and microwave. I was my clothes with a washing machine. I use and phone and it needs charging. I use a computer which requires power. I use lights throughout my apartment. I iron my clothes for work, and the list goes on. And most of those things can't be done/used without electricity. I am so thankful today that I have the luxury of electricity. Yes, I do pay for the privilege but at least I have the option of using it.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Day 276...

SATURDAY 6.6.15 - I am thankful for... Pain

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Have you ever just randomly hit your elbow or stubbed your toe? I'm sure most of you reading this have at least once in your life. It can be incredibly painful, embarrassing and leave you feeling a little stupid for letting yourself hurt yourself. Thankfully the pain doesn't usually last too long as I discovered today... twice within minutes. After I got over the pain I thought how lucky we are to feel pain. Pain can be both emotional and physical and is not a nice and desirable feeling. So why you might ask is pain a good thing? Think about why we actually feel pain. Pain is like an alarm, telling us something is wrong so we can stop what we are doing and/or take alternative action. Pain also helps us to learn from our mistakes that hurt us so we can avoid it in the future, even if it takes us a while to heal and stop feeling the pain in the meantime. There is a medical condition called congenital analgesia where the person who suffers from it can't feel physical pain at all. It might seem like a good thing, but it's actually very dangerous. They might have a gash in the skin which might lead to infection, or contract a serious illness and not know until the sickness has completely taken over, making it harder to treat. We feel pain for a reason, to protect us and help us learn. I am so thankful I do feel pain and that it exists, even though it might be difficult to deal with sometimes. Besides, pain allows us to appreciate the joyful times in life without it.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Day 275...

FRIDAY 5.6.15 - I am thankful for... Putt putt

It's been a while since I've played putt putt, probably at least 6-7 years I'd say! Tonight we had a youth group outing and went to putt putt... with everyone in their onsies! It was pretty darn cold tonight so the onsies actually came in handy even with the odd stare or two. Though my golfing skills leave much to be desired, I believe everyone had a really good time, no matter how good their skills were. I really enjoyed the kids especially having a go and seeing their excitement each time they sunk the ball. I am thankful we were able to go out tonight and play putt putt together and can't wait to go again.

Day 274...

THURSDAY 4.6.15 - I am thankful for... The Moon

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I noticed on Tuesday night I think that the Moon has been particularly prominent in the night sky this week. Tonight I could see half of it peering from underneath a cloud, glowing a dusty yellow colour. Almost like something you would see in a movie, particularly a horror movie. It got me thinking about how important the moon is, the light in the sky it gives us at night, the effects it has on our oceans tides. It is so beautiful in it's own way. Unfortunately I was unable to take a photo of it to share which I'm a little disappointed with. I am so thankful I took the time to stop and notice it tonight.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Day 273...

WEDNESDAY 3.6.15 - I am thankful for... Watching my dance friends succeed

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A good friend of mine is currently playing a main roll in Rocky Horror Show musical here touring Australia, she's the one in the picture, second from the left with a bob wig. I was meant to go and see the show the week I was sick in hospital, therefore I missed it. She even came and saw me in hospital an thank goodness I didn't get her sick! But my friend was able to get me a free ticket for tonight's show so I didn't miss out after all. Of course, growing up dancing and with a love for musicals it was easy for me to enjoy the show, but watching someone you know, a good friend I grew up dancing with perform, is something else entirely. I was so incredibly proud, knowing how hard she has worked and her passion for performing. Besides being the sole performer in a production she did written by a friend of hers, this is the first musical she has played a main role, instead of a chorus member or understudy. I might be biased, but she was absolutely incredible and I honestly don't think she could have been any better than she was, almost like the role was made for her. At my dance school through high school we had a very close knit, very special group of girls I was blessed to know, do class with and perform alongside. Most of us are still quite close to this day. We were surrounded by loving and hard working parents and teachers, instilling in us what it means to dream, and to work hard and put in the hours and effort to achieve your goals. And as a group we did, we worked really hard, always looking for ways to improve ourselves and did very well in eisteddfods and in our own classes and performances. Now I'm blessed to see each and every one of these girls' success mostly within the performing arts sector. There's obviously this friend I've mentioned whose been in numerous shows, including a solo show that's been in Melbourne and Sydney and soon in Brisbane, another whose worked here, on Broadway and now about to begin a career in the UK, another who is working her way up the ranks in the Moulin Rouge, one who lives in the US and has been a dancer for A list singers like Rihanna and Ariana Grande, a professional ballet and contemporary dancer, girls who have made a successful career as professional dancers in cruise ship shows, modelling, choreographing for other people, performing in acrobatic and circus type shows and the list goes on. As for me, well, I was always going to pursue a more academic line of work, and I'd like to think I have made a successful start to my own career. Every one of us from that group of dancing teens has gone on to pursue their dreams. It's pretty incredibly to think about really. I'm so thankful I got to be a part of that group, still some of the best years of my life, and thankful that these special girls have gone onto work towards their dreams and still continue to do so.

Day 272...

TUESDAY 2.6.15 - I am thankful for... My phone for communication

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Though I'd still like to consider myself a mostly non-materialistic person, I do value and appreciate the material possessions that I have. My mobile phone is no exception. Whilst it is necessary for me to have a mobile for work when I'm oncall, I'm also thankful I have the ability to communicate with my family and friends back in Brisbane. As my mum and one of my besties is with the same provider as I am, I can call and text them basically for free! Better than having a home phone for sure. Then there's the cool apps and games that don't go astray. Therefore I'm very thankful for having a phone for all the services and entertainment it provides, however I'm also thankful that I don't NEED it every second of everyday.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Day 271...

MONDAY 1.6.15 - I am thankful for... Returning to the gym, no matter how unfit I now am

This afternoon I decided I was well enough to start trying to get my fitness back, which is pretty non-existent at the moment. As much as I wanted to be back to normal, I really only lasted 10 mins. However I should have expected that and not put too much pressure on myself. I am glad though that I can start getting my health and fitness back on track so I will be quite well before my overseas holiday, which will help me get the most out of it. I am thankful that I am able to exercise and not held back anymore by illness.

Day 270...

SUNDAY 31.5.15 - I am thankful for... Lunch with my cousins :)

It just so happens that at the same time my bestie and her hubby moved to Rockhampton, so did my cousin and her family! My cousin invited us all to her place for lunch before  flew back to Sydney mid afternoon. Again, the weather was absolutely perfect and we had a beautiful lunch outside in the back yard. The picture above shows my cousin's eldest child's old bed that has been converted into a tree swing which my besties thought they'd try out! A very clever idea in my opinion. We spent a lovely few hours eating wonderful food, catching up with my family and all the goss we may not have heard. It went by so quickly and I was a little sad to leave to catch my flight. I am so thankful for the wonderful weekend I've had and that I was able to see my cousins before I left.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Day 269...

SATURDAY 30.05.15 - I am thankful for... Great Keppel Island

Today, I was in paradise. We took the ferry from the mainland to Great Keppel Island, just off the coast of Rockhampton. The weather was perfect and the company couldn't have been better. My bestie's hubby thought it would be a great idea to trek to a more secluded part of the island. So we bush bashed for about 30mins then walked along beach for another 45 mins or so. Considering I had been in hospital a week prior and my fitness was gone, I didn't collapse along the way which is a positive, though I was definitely slower than the others. When we got there we parked ourselves under a tree and had a picnic lunch. I got to say, it was a fantastic spot and the trek was completely worth it. There were a few boats around but no-one else on the beach. After lunch, the three of us girls just laid under the tree and relaxed while he went fishing. I could have stayed on that beach, in that weather for a long time. We are so blessed to have the world's most amazing beaches right on our doorstep. They really don't get much better than this. Alas, the day did come to an end so we made our way back to the mainland, enjoyed a few cocktails during sunset and capped off the day with an amazing dinner. Couldn't have asked for anything more. I am so thankful I got o spend the day in a paradise called Great Keppel Island with some of my favourite people. I wish I could stay forever! Or at least a little longer.

Day 268...

FRIDAY 29.05.15 - I am thankful for... DFO shopping and Opera in the Caves

This long weekend (for me anyway - had another ADO today) started off with an early morning flight to Brisbane where I was met by my mother and sister for a day of shopping at the DFO. It's been a little while since the three of us spent the day together, just us. I'm so blessed to be so close to them and wish I could see them more often. Then in the afternoon I flew to Rockhampton with one of my besties to spend the weekend with our other bestie and her hubby. It's going to be a great weekend and with all that's happened in the past few weeks, I could use a little quality time with my girls. It was a quick pick up from the airport and straight out the Capricorn Caves to enjoy a night of opera. There were four professional classical singers with extraordinary voices. The ambiance was amazing and the acoustics in the caves really enhanced each performance. Extremely enjoyable and would totally recommend it. All in all it has been a very, very great day. I am thankful I was able to spend the day shopping at the DFO and enjoy an even of Opera in the Caves. More importantly, I am thankful I got to do these things with some of the most important people in my life who I don't see so often.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Day 267...

THURSDAY 28.05.15 - I am thankful for... My Contiki tour pack coming in the mail!

It's funny. I was just thinking the other day, wondering when I would receive all the information for my Contiki tour. I leave for Ireland in less than a month so was hoping it would come soon. Voila! The universe must have heard me because today, when I arrived home, there was a parcel from Contiki on the table with a document wallet containing all information for my tour! There was also a luggage tag and a European sim card as added extras. Opening the wallet and seeing all the information made me realise just how quickly my holiday is coming up. It could not come soon enough! However, in saying that I don't want to wish my holiday away, I hope I can really enjoy and experience every minute of it. So I am thankful my Contiki information came through. Bring on my holidays!!!

Day 266...

WEDNESDAY 27.05.15 - I am thankful for... State of Origin!

It's that time of year again! When our best Rugby league players from Queensland (QLD) and New South Wales (NSW) come together for the biggest national clash of the NRL calendar to see who can win the best of 3 matches. Obviously being born in QLD I barrack for them, known as the Maroons or Canetoads, however I live in NSW so am always surrounded by Blues or Cockroaches. Tonight our church hosted an origin night with the wonderful organisers putting on a delicious dinner and games for before the match and during half time. It was a lot of fun, even if I was one of a very few people wearing a Maroons jeresy. In the end QLD won this game so I got the last laugh! It is always in good fun with a bit of friendly rivalry, though unfortunately some people take it too far and you always here about a fight or two between rival supporters, which is a shame because it really detracts from the event. I am thankful that church held a State Of Origin night for us all to enjoy and we all still remain friends after the event.


Day 265

TUESDAY 26.05.15 - I am thankful for... An extra blanket on the bed

Winter technically starts in 6 days but I'd say it's pretty much here already. I am fortunate that I live in a brick apartment building with the inside walls rendered. It is at least a few degrees warmer inside my place than outside. In saying that it is definately time to put the warm winter blanket on my bed. It makes such a difference! Pulling the blanket out of the cupboard made me think of all the people living in poverty or on the streets that don't have access to a simple luxury such as a warm blanket for the winter. Such a little thing most of us would probably take for granted. I am thankful today that I am able to have a extra blanket for my bed and know I will be warm enough to sleep comfortably tonight, there are many who aren't.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Day 264...

MONDAY 25.05.15 - I am thankful for... Surprise chocolate bouquet

Being bored at home I decided to go back to work today, much to everyone's surprise considering I only got out of hospital 3 days ago. However, I was just ready to be normal again and get my life back on track. I'd used almost all my sick leave too with this latest little health scare. The day didn't go too badly at all. It wasn't ridiculously busy though I was still pretty exhausted by days end. When I got home I had a lovely surprise waiting for me - a bouquet of chocolates from the girls at work. I knew now why they were all surprised to see me, thinking I would take a few extra days off they sent it to my home address. It was incredibly sweet and thoughtful of them. Best part is the chocolates are Ferrero Rochers! WINNING! I was so very thankful for this lovely gesture. It made me feel loved and missed.

Day 263...

SUNDAY 24.05.15 - I am thankful for... Eurovision Grand Final

If you didn't watch Eurovision tonight you should have! My bestie Dani, her husband Stu and I watched it together, me in Sydney, they in Rockhampton and we chatted via Facebook. I thought it was fantastic, we had a great time sharing opinions, laughing at what the Australian hosts Julia and Sam were saying and thought that Guy Sebastian's song and performance was great. There were sequins, wild costumes, crazy dancers and the use of the wind and smoke machines every so often. Everything that is Eurovision was there. Unfortunately I was unable to stay up to watch it all the way until the end, I'm still getting tired pretty easily which I suppose is understandable. I already knew the results though as we were not watching the show live. I'm thankful Eurovision was on tonight and I was able to watch it. A pretty good end to a tough week.

Day 262...

SATURDAY 23.05.15 - I am thankful for... My own bathroom

Not a long one today. I don't believe I have even thought to appreciate my bathroom for a long time. Having to share a toilet and shower with 3 other people in hospital is not easy, especially when it's not clean to your standards. This is a slightly materialistic post today because there are many people around the world that don't have access to bathrooms with toilets and running showers, which I still had in hospital. So today, being home I am so THANKFUL I have use of a bathroom, in particular my own which I can use when I want and clean how I want. It may not be much, as you can see in the picture, and not technically mine as I rent, but it's still my own to use.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Day 261...

FRIDAY 22.05.15 - I am thankful for... Going home

*Picture from

Today has gone PAINFULLY slow. I was told yesterday by my doctors I was probably well enough to go home. They saw me again this morning and gave me the all clear, but it took another several hours to get my doctors certificate for work, my discharge report and medications from pharmacy. I wasn't allowed to leave until 5:30pm! I was practically climbing up the walls I was so eager to leave. I felt great and was bored by this time, having watched as much daytime TV as anyone should, and just being generally uncomfortable in the bed and not being able to be mobile and exercise. I did try to remain patient and not bother the nurses with "how much longer" type questions, but did ask twice as nicely as I could. Finally when my meds arrived I was allowed to go home. It was such a wonderful feeling to be back in my own place, with my own bathroom and my own bed. I am thankful today that I am well enough to be allowed home, and think of those people who aren't so fortunate, spending much more time in hospital than I did.

Day 260...

THURSDAY 21.05.15 - I am thankful for... Dad visiting an ordering dinner!

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It's amazing how quickly your health can improve. I had been pretty sick up until yesterday evening. The doctors changed one of the medications and I have improved rapidly. Today is the first day since Sunday I have actually felt hungry and needing to eat. It is also today that I discovered the food is well... hospital food. My dad had been visiting Sydney for a work conference so he came to visit me tonight. He also got the name of a local Thai restaurant that delivered to the hospital and we ordered dinner and had it in my section of the room, almost like a picnic. Though I was hungry I couldn't eat too much, but I definitely enjoyed eating it. I was also glad for dad's company for a few hours. I am thankful today that I have my appetite back, that my dad came to visit and that we could share a Thai meal together. Yum yum!

Day 259...

WEDNESDAY 20.05.15 - I am thankful for... My mum flying down to visit me in hospital

My mum is so naughty! I specifically told her not to come and visit me because she is busy studying full time and I was not critically ill. However, and I should of known she would do it anyway. I came out of the bathroom this morning to see her standing next to my bed. I'll admit, I was secretly hoping she would come down anyway and visit, but knew it wasn't that easy. She stayed for the day and kept me company, doing her uni work while I slept after lunch. She also bought me more necessities as it looked like I was staying in until the weekend. She also entertained me by creating 'Dory' (pictured); a glove she had blown up an put eyes on. This seems to be a silly tradition now to make a glove fish for whoever is in hospital, which more often than not has been me. I don't think you ever get too old for your parents, especially your mum, to look after you. I'm just so thankful we share such a close relationship and she surprised me by visiting today.

Day 258...

TUESDAY 19.05.15 - I am thankful for... The doctors and nurses looking after me

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The last two nights in particular have been really rough. I keep having terrible fevers that leave my skin burning hot, heart racing, really dizzy and generally quite unwell. The nurses that have looked after me, in particular the night shift nurse, have been absolutely wonderful. They are doing their job but have also been really kind and compassionate and treating like a normal person. I feel bad because I haven't worked out how to use the bed yet, but honestly don't have the strength to get out of bed to fix it myself. I keep having to call them to put my bed up and down which seems so trivial to me, but every time they are more than happy to do so. I also have several specialists who seem to be working together to figure everything out. The main doctors I have seen have again been really compassionate and don't treat me like I'm stupid and know nothing. I have been well informed in everything which is important. Having a caring person look after you makes all the difference and I'm thankful I have caring staff looking after me.

Day 257...

MONDAY 18.05.15 - I am thankful for... Visitors

So it looks like I am to be in hospital for a while. Being so far away, my mum let some close family friends know so they could come and visit me, which they did. A good friend I used to dance with and her mum came and kept me company for a few hours this afternoon. It really meant a lot for them to do that, and they even brought me some necessary supplies I for a stay in hospital. I was hoping I was not contagious as my friend is currently a main role in a musical and I'd hate to make her sick!Having visitors is comforting and keeps you a little in touch with the outside world. They also break the monotony of the day as you really can't do much except sleep and watch TV. I am thankful I had a few people visit me today, making me feel loved and so cared for.