Thursday 29 January 2015

Day 146...

TUESDAY 27.1.15 - I am thankful for... Free accommodation

It has been raining pretty heavily the last few days which has made it more difficult to go out and enjoy the beach and the rest of Port Macquarie. Luckily we've had a lot of games and movies to keep us occupied. It has made me realise how thankful I am to be here. My boyfriend's mother bought into the Wyndham group year ago and receives credits to use on their hotels and holidays. Therefore, my boyfriend was able to use credits that were about to expire on the accommodation her for the week. How cool is that? We have a spacious 3 bedroom apartment, pool (pictured above on the first day we arrived), gym, sauna, games room and free DVDs to hire. And all at no cost to myself or the others. So even in the poor weather I'm thankful to be here on holidays with great people and in free accommodation. Back to relaxing I think!

Wednesday 28 January 2015

Day 148...

THURSDAY 29.1.15 - I am thankful for... Air Hockey!

When we arrived on Saturday our room was not ready so we went straight to the pool. Next to the pool I saw there was a games room with ping pong and pool tables, chocolate machine (which is totally rigged by the way) a few arcade games and an air hockey table! I said I wanted to play it all week and we did today! The weather is so much nicer today so we swam this morning while we could, then came to the games room after lunch. I played 3 games of air hockey... and lost all of them. Just because I'm not very good at it doesn't mean I don't enjoy it, though I may have gotten a tad frustrated by the end. Although all in good fun - I was just letting them win ;) So I am thankful for being able to play air hockey, and for the patient friend and boyfriend who played it with me.

Day 145...

MONDAY 26.1.15 - I am thankful for... Australia, my home country

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I am incredibly blessed to be born and raised in Australia. There is so much I love about it, the landscape, the beaches, the mountains and bush, the holiday spots, the relaxed vibe, the weather, the food, the multiculturalism. I could go on and on and on. We definitely deserve the nickname 'The Lucky Country', because we truly have a great lifestyle here. Is it perfect? No. Are there better places to live? Maybe. There is no perfect place with the perfect economy, perfect government, perfect employment rate, perfect medical care etc... However, if you really look at it, we as a country are a lot better off than many MANY places around the world. I can only speak for me of course, and wouldn't dare talk for other people especially those in different, more difficult circumstances than me. As far as I know, we have free primary and secondary education available, with the government assisting with tertiary education. We have health care available to everyone, regardless of whether you have private health insurance or not, though you may not be able to get what you need straight away, if you need urgent, life saving medical attention you will most probably get it. And best of all, in my opinion are the people. How many times have we seen terrible disasters happen here, usually affecting hundreds to thousands of people, and the people of this country really pull together to help those in need financially, physically and through support? In my short lifetime I have seen this many times. You may not agree with me for whatever reason, and that's your choice but I chose to see the value and beauty of this country. Though today is Australia Day, I am also aware that this day may not mean the same for us as it doe for everyone, particularly the indigenous Australians who still battle for recognition, and in my opinion we probably don't learn about Aboriginal history in primary school as we could. Just my thoughts. So instead I chose to be thankful for Australia itself. I am thankful for this country of ours, for its people and it's history, and hope to learn more about the Aboriginal history in the future.

Day 144...

SUNDAY 25.1.15 - I am thankful for... Monopoly!

*Sorry about the picture quality, it's a little blurry!

What an absolutely wonderful day it has been! We started the day with a swim at the beach (the surf was crazy!), followed by a rinse off in the hotel pool, got changed then out to the city centre to grab lunch and eat our picnic in the park under the shade of a tree. Perfect beach holiday day if you ask me! After lunch, we though we'd stay in for a few hours and someone suggested we play Monopoly, a game that has entertained many a family or friendship group for generations. As you probably already know I do love a good game so I really enjoyed this. On a nerdy side note, the Monopoly board is the Marvel Comics version, which made it a little different to the normal game. The 6 of us had such a great time! Was so good to just relax with a great bunch of people. Alas, I didn't win, but I came fairly close. So thank you to the person who invented Monopoly and thanks Hasbro for producing it :)

Day 143...

SATURDAY 24.1.15 - I am thankful for... Port Macquarie

It's a long weekend here in Australia for Australia Day which is on Monday. I was told at the end of last year that I had too much annual leave, oh what a terrible problem to have! So I am able to have next week off! Another little holiday! Cannot complain at all. It turns out that my boyfriend booked a 3 bedroom apartment months ago for the week in Port Macquarie so I get to spend the week here. I'm really looking forward to it, have never been here before. There are 6 of us in total staying for the weekend and a few of my friends are leaving Monday and Tuesday as they do have to work. Should be a great week. So I am really thankful I have another little holiday, as there will be no more time off until Easter. Thank you excess annual leave!

Monday 26 January 2015

Day 142...

FRIDAY 23.1.15 - I am thankful for... My health

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Throughout most of my life I have had many struggles with health issues. Probably more than a lot of people my age, but thankfully all have been curable or manageable. In my line of work I am reminded of how blessed I am with my health in it's present state, both physically and mentally, as I see patients who aren't as fortunate as I am. We had a patient come in for her second electrophysiology study today, for the first one had been a success on the day of procedure, but her arrhythmia or abnormal heart rhythm unfortunately came back. This particular abnormality in the conduction in her heart can be tricky to find and get rid of, every person and case is different. Alas today the procedure was not a success, meaning the patient will need to come back again and we will try again. It is the nature of this type of work. If the abnormal conduction or rhythm can be found and we can get rid of it, it is cured. If we can't find it or get rid of it, it's usually because it is a more difficult case and may take several procedures to be successful. Though what this patient has may not necessarily be deadly, if the patient's heart goes fast without need to it can be very uncomfortable for them, with physical and/or psychological side effecs. We as the electrophysiology team (particularly the doctors) never like a case to be unsuccessful, obviously, that's why we do what we do! I do hope this patients next procedure is successful. I really do, as I do with all the patients that come into our lab. So today I am thankful my health is good at the moment. It is not perfect but I am able to lead a normal life with minimal discomfort and maximal ability. I pray for those who aren't as fortunate as I because I have been there and can completely empathise.

Friday 23 January 2015

Day 141...

THURSDAY 22.1.15 - I am thankful for... Orange and passionfruit juice!

Oh. My. Goodness. This may very well be my new favourite thing! Yesterday, I was really craving a fresh juice, freshly squeezed with nothing else added. I found a juice place in the food court of the Westfields near work and saw they had orange and passionfruit juice. I do love orange juice and love passionfruit in general, so thought I'd give it a go. And it was AMAZING!!! So much so I walked past the shop again today and couldn't resist. I know, I'm well aware too much juice is not that good for you, with all the natural sugar in it and all. At least juice is more nutritionally valuable that something like soft drink. Then again, the discovery of this yummy juice may be not so good. I'll just have to restrain myself and not drink too much! I sure I can do that... hopefully...

Day 140... The list keeps on going

WEDNESDAY 21.1.15 - I am thankful for... My vacuum cleaner

Another simple one today. I realise my Day 18 post was about house cleaning, but today I'm being a little more specific. My parents bought me a vacuum cleaner at least 7 years ago, and it's still going strong! Several times it has looked like giving out, but every time it manages to heal itself! I don't know how or why, but I don't care if it still works. Having a vacuum cleaner is such a luxury isn't it? Think about it. It's so easy to complain about housework, especially doing the vacuuming, but think of those who live without them, or don't have a place of their own to vacuum! From now on I'm going to try and remember that when I vacuum, that I'm glad a have a vacuum cleaner that works and a place to use it in.

Day 139...

TUESDAY 20.1.15 - I am thankful for... iTunes

A pretty simple one today, short and sweet. I am thankful for iTunes. I love how easy it is to use, how it stores all my music and that I have had issues before that were easily and efficiently solved by Apple staff via email. I have a Samsung phone and tablet, but have used an iPod for many years. I also love how when I got a new laptop, my music was readily available to download from iCloud. What did we do before this amazing technology? I can't remember but I'm surely thankful that we have it now.

Day 138...

MONDAY 19.1.15 - I am thankful for... Receiving letters

Something amazing happened to me today. I received a hand written letter in the mail! What's so amazing you might ask? Besides the fact that people would rather use social media to communicate than old fashioned mail? Back in 2007 when I was at university, the youth worker at our church approached me and asked if I wanted to be part of a program called Kids Hope. This program pairs one adult with one primary school age child who either has learning or social difficulties, issues within the family home or disabilities. The adult then goes into the school and spends about an hour a week one on one with the child, talking, helping them with school work, doing activities etc... The purpose is to make the child feel valued and loved, because the circumstances they are in don't. I was paired with a child in grade 4. I admit I was apprehensive at first, wondering if I would make a good impression on this child or if they'd even like me. But it did not take long before we got along famously, and I was getting just as much out of our weekly meetings as they were. I looked forward to them every single week! It was really sad when, a few years down the track, I finished uni and started working full time, meaning I was no longer able to see them, but we were able to write to each other. Then I moved to Sydney and the letters dwindled until I thought we had lost contact. Until today. I opened my letterbox to find a hand written, 3/4 page letter from this child, who is no longer a child but a teenager in grade 11! They apologised for the length of time between letters, 3 years actually, and told me everything that was happening with them. I was so happy and filled with joy that I got very emotional. After several years I am now certain I have made an impact on this person's life, in a good way. It's their 16th birthday next week so I will write a letter and send a card and hopefully a small present too, to make sure they know I received their letter and how happy I am to have gotten it. There's nothing that I am more thankful for today than this.

Thursday 22 January 2015

Day 137...

SUNDAY 18.1.15 - I am thankful for... Evening church services resuming!

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January is a busy time of year, with a lot of people away on holidays at different times of the month. Our evening church services, or as we like to call them Sundays@5 resumed tonight. I must say I have really missed it, even though I was one of those people who enjoyed a holiday away this Christmas and New Year season. We have a great little inclusive community vibe, where everyone knows each other, everyone cares about each other and everyone asks how you are really going. I have been extraordinarily blessed to have found this church since moving to Sydney. As much as it is about the praise and worship of God, and don't misunderstand, it's extremely important to me, but it's also about the people you surround yourself with. People who love, care and uplift you. I am thankful for this church and looking forward to another year of praise, worship, community and growth.

Wednesday 21 January 2015

Day 136...

SATURDAY 17.1.15 - I am thankful for... Trains

This morning I'm going to my first Zumba class this year! Woohoo! Being away for Christmas and New Year as well as being bed bound last weekend has pushed exercise right out the window. Not today! I really enjoy going to my Saturday Zumba class, it's at a dance company near the city, I'm sure I've mentioned it before. One of my favourite parts is the journey on the train. I love just sitting there, my music on my iPod just looking out the window. There's something kind of relaxing about it. Pulling into Circular Quay provides quite a spectacular view too, one I have never gotten sick of to date. Yes, the train system is not perfect, especially in wet weather where services are cancelled here there and everywhere, and there always seems to be trackwork going on somewhere, but I am thankful trains exist. I personally prefer them to buses. I also think they are very easy to get around on too. So I am very thankful I live quite close to a train station so I can enjoy the ride to the city.

Day 135...

FRIDAY 16.1.15 - I am thankful for... toy bouncy balls! Hahahaha

A group of good friends and I decided to go bowling tonight, a great idea even if I do say so myself! We had such a fabulously fun time, and I must say the girls bowled exceptionally well tonight! Afterwards, one of the guys played a few of the arcade games, won a heap of tickets and decided to use them to claim a whole heap of little bouncy balls. Oh my goodness. Who knew adults could have so much fun with little bouncy balls! At one point, when we went to McDonalds for dinner/desert, there was a competition to see see who could bounce a ball into a cup, who could bounce a ball square on a coin, and both at the same time. One bouncy ball inadvertently ended up bouncing straight down my top! Something that had us all in hysterics laughing. So I am thankful that we could find so much entertainment from something so small and so simple. A lesson I should try and remember.

Day 134...

THURSDAY 15.1.15 - I am thankful for... Sharing in the good news of others

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Over the weekend I was sick I had one particular friend wanting to catch up with me, but decided against it as I was unwell. We were able to catch up with each other tonight over a lovely dinner at our 'go-to' restaurant. And I'm so glad we did because they had some very exciting news to tell me! I can't share who or what the news is in case they haven't told everyone they need to. And besides, it's not my news to tell. I was so excited for them, filled with so much joy. How great is it that we can share in the happiness of our friends and family? The happiness of those we love? I think it's such a blessing to feel excitment and joy for other's in their good times. To be a part of their good times and to have a relationship valued enough for them to want to share their good news with you. I am incredibly thankful they shared their exciting news with me and that I can be so happy for them at this time :)

Tuesday 20 January 2015

Day 133...

WEDNESDAY 14.1.15 - I am thankful for... Being on the mend!

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Woohoo! Back at work today! And yes, that is something to be excited about and thankful for because it means I'm no longer sick! I'm still pretty tired and worn out, but that's to be expected after a bad virus or flu. Quite the normal reaction. It makes me think though how amazing the human body is. If you think about it, when you are sick due to virus, bacteria or some other invasion in your body, it's like a battle going on inside you between the invader and your immune system. How awesome that our bodies can fight off invasion all on it's own without us consciously having to do anything? It's no wonder we need rest! All our energy goes to the battle. I was diagnosed with a benign blood condition where once a month my bone marrow doesn't produce neutrophils, an important white blood cell that is imperative to your immune system. It's benign in the sense that it's not caused by something more sinister, like a cancer, but it just means I am much more open and susceptible to infection during those down times. So I get sick a lot with 24hr bugs and minor things like that. But even so, my body is still able to fight these of eventually, even if I need a little assistance from my allies Panadol and on rarer occasions, antibiotics. Of course, there are those illness and invaders that are so strong that our bodies simply can't fight them off on our own, and that can be rather scary. That's when I am thankful for modern medicine and for modern physcians who can treat us. Wow! Listen to me, such a nerd! With all that said I apologise for my slightly nerdy post, but am thankful for the fact I am on the mend :)

Day 132...

TUESDAY 13.1.15 - I am thankful for... Being looked out for :)
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Unfortunately I'm still unwell today. Not surprising however given the doctors verdict yesterday. Whilst I haven't been advertising my illness to a lot of people (except on here, though I doubt any of this will be publish worthy before I get better) I have received my texts and phone calls, just simply asking how I am feeling and is there anything they could do for me. My mum and boyfriend especially have been messaging constantly to check up on me. It make me feel so loved and looked out for. Reminds me just how many wonderful people there are in my life and how blessed I am to have them and so very thankful they are always looking out for me. And I must say I have been feeling so much better this afternoon, so hopefully I'll be back to work tomorrow. I'm starting to get tired of seeing my apartment and only my apartment consistently for the past 4 days straight!

Monday 19 January 2015

Day 131...

MONDAY 12.1.15 - I am thankful for... Panadol

Ughhhhh. Will this virus ever leave me? Had to have the day off work today because I'm STILL quite unwell. Of course, I'm not dying or anything, just feel sick and miserable. Went to the Dr's today and she told my quite nonchalantly "Oh there's a bad stomach virus going around, it could last up to a week". AWEEK??? Goodness I hope not. But with nothing else to do but rest, rehydrate and Panadol, I trudged back home. So today I am thankful for Panadol. I don't use it very often except to keep away fevers and pain during viruses like this. And really, I am thankful that I can take something as simple as Panadol, there are many people who are very ill taking much stronger medication and who are sicker for much longer than I will be. So whilst I feel sorry for myself, I am constantly reminded how fortunate I am to not be gravely ill like some people. So thank you for the makers of Panadol!

Day 130... Sick but still thankful!

SUNDAY 11.1.15 - I am thankful for... Getting my Degree framed, finally!

Oh man, still quite sick today. Was in my lounge room today with my air-conditioning as cold as it could go, and was still hot! Being sick it can be hard to find things to be thankful for, mostly because you feel so rotten. But, in this exercise of being thankful 365 days of the year, I choose to find something! During another period of time when I'd had some more Panadol and was feeling up to it, I raced to the framing shop to pick up my University Degree that I had framed. Now, I graduated from Uni and received the certificate back in March 2009... nearly 6 years ago! So I thought it was about time I had it professionally framed to keep it in good condition if nothing else. As the gentleman at the frame shop said, "you've worked hard enough for it, why not make it presentable?". I am so happy with the end result. Doesn't it look awesome and professional? So I am thankful that I FINALLY got my act together to get it done. Now next dilema is... where do I put it...

Saturday 17 January 2015

Day 129...

SATURDAY 10.1.15 - I am thankful for... My housemate!

Oh. My. Goodness. I am sick. Really sick. Bed bound sick. I don't know what this virus or stomach bug is but it really isn't welcome! And to make matters worse, it's stinking hot here today. So much so I decided to go buy myself a pedestal fan. I needed one anyway but seeing as my room has no air-conditioning and all I could do today was sleep/lay in bed, I needed one today. So I dosed myself up on Panadol and raced to the shops. Unfortunately, I couldn't assemble it before I was sick again and needed to go back to bed. Well it was a good thought anyway. After that sleep I woke up, came out to the lounge room and voila! There was my fan. Assembled and ready to use! My housemate had seen in lying in pieces in the lounge room and put it together for me. He said as I saw it "Oh I put your fan together for you if that's ok". I said a teary thank you (I get emotional when I'm sick) and took it back to my room. And as a bonus? He did the dishes too and didn't even say a word. What a champ! To him it probably didn't seem like much but I was sooooooooooooooo grateful for what he had done for me. The fan made a huge difference in the heat too. So I'm thankful for my housemate, that we get on so well and are able to do those small things that make a difference. I'm very blessed, and still reminded everyday, no matter how I'm feeling.

Day 128...

FRIDAY 9/1/15 - I am thankful for... Friday arvo catch ups!

It's a little sad we had to plan it about a month in advance, because of our busy lives, but tonight a groups of friends from work and I had a great time catching up over drinks and nibbles. We did plan to go out for dinner, but due to bad weather and laziness we decided to hang at out my friend's house instead. A much better idea I think! It's been a long time that the group of us caught up outside of work, and bonus my friends got to meet my wonderful boyfriend! So I'm very thankful that after my first week back at work, I was able to wind down with a chilled afternoon with my friends. I did have to leave a little earlier than I would have liked, not feeling the best. Hope I'm not sick!

Thursday 15 January 2015

Day 127...

THURSDAY 8/1/15 - I am thankful for... Freedom of speech

Today we woke up to the news that an atrocious incident had happened in France. Several men armed with guns stormed the offices of a satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, opened fire and killed 12 people while wounding several others. The motive for this attack was that the magazine made fun of the prophet Muhammad and the perpetrators of the attack were Islamic extremists believing they were seeking retribution. This sickening act, as awful and tragic as it is, has united the world in favour of free speech, letting extremists like these men know that the world is not afraid of them, that they're actions are not going to silence. People in Paris and other parts of France took to the streets to proclaim this stance. One of the interviews on the news was of a Muslim gentleman who was in the march. He said something like "I don't like the things that Charlie Hebdo write, but I respect their right to do what they do. Violence has no place here". Personally I'm not a huge fan of satire and as a devout Christian, I cant say I would be a fan of a magazine that makes fun of any biblical character, and I believe this particular magazine made fun of many political and religions figures. However if you don't like it, ignore it. Don't read it. Simple! The wonderful thing about freedom of speech is I am able to freely express my beliefs as a Christian, weather people agree with it or not. It's a two way street and I feel blessed to live in a country that accepts freedom of speech. Not everyone will always agree with everyone's point of view. When it comes to religion and faith it can become quite a touchy subject. However if you are devout to your beliefs it should not matter what someone else says or does to disagree, discredit or make fun of. Sure it can be offensive but the only persons actions you are in control of is your own. I am thankful for freedom of speech, for the ability to have my own mind and express my own opinions. I am thankful for times of tragedy like this that unite the world to say we are not afraid.

Je suis Charlie.

Day 126...

WEDNESDAY 7/1/15 - I am thankful for... Daylight Savings

*Photo taken by me :)

Growing up in Queensland, the concept of daylight savings was quite foreign to me. Now, living in NSW for the past couple of years I'm not only used to it, but have learned to really appreciate it. I love the fact that in the summer, when it's most useful, you can finish work but still have hours of sunlight left to do things like go to the beach, go for a run/walk outside, just enjoy the weather. I enjoy going for walks after work and being able to do that at 7pm at "night" is really cool. It's still warm but you don't get sunburnt. A plus for me! One of the reasons I prefer Summer over Winter is the amount of time I can spend enjoying the weather. In Winter I wake up when it's dark, get to work when it's dark, leave work when it's dark. I hardly see any sun during this time, kind of depressing really. So daylight savings gives us here in NSW more time to enjoy the weather when we can, make the most out of each day, and I'm so thankful for that!

Tuesday 13 January 2015

Day 125...

TUESDAY 6/1/15 - I am thankful for... My Job

*Picture from

Second day back at work for the year. I could have the post holiday blues, and on some level I guess I do. However, I am extremely blessed to have a job that I actually love doing. With the confidence and enthusiasm of Rachael Weiss' character Evelyn in the Mummy, "I... am a Cardiac Technologist!" Now, I can see the blank stares on the screen and don't worry, I get that blank stare reaction from most people. Especially if you've never seen The Mummy before. A cardiac technologist is basically a heart scientist, using technologically. To put it simply. One of the best things about it is while is a highly specific field of work, there is a lot to it and no two days are spent doing the same thing. We get to do ECGs or electrocardiograms, kind of like what's pictured to see the rhythm of the heart, stress tests to test the heart during exercise, holter monitors to read a persons heart rate an rhythm over a day or two, test implantable pacemakers and defibrillators, and electrophysiology studies, trying to find and get rid of people's irregular heart beats. Of course, that's a simple way of explaining what we do whilst trying not to be patronising and don't worry, I'm sure if someone tried to explain accountancy or engineering I'd find it hard to understand! That's the great thing about people, we all have different strengths in different areas. I have just been so fortunate to have found mine in my work. The best part about my job is the patient interaction. You have the chance to talk to them, try to make them feel comfortable, listen to them, answer questions to help them understand. For me in particular, having gone through a similar situation and having a pacemaker of my own helps me to relate to patients on a different level too. I am so thankful and blessed to be able to do what I do, to be in an industry that patient orientated whilst always advancing technically. How many people can say that!?

Wednesday 7 January 2015

Day 124...

MONDAY 5/1/15 - I am thankful for... Creativity

*Picture from

For most of my life I have always been involved in something creative. Dancing, singing, playing instruments, baking, crafty stuff like scrap booking etc... Creativity gives someone the ability to express themselves in a variety of ways. I think it's really important for everyone to do, especially children. Not only is it great to be able to be creative yourself, but to appreciate the creativity from others from the arts, cooking, home designs, music, landscaping, and so, so much more. It really is unlimited! I was thinking today that I have been lacking a little creativity in my life lately. This blog has been great for expressing my thoughts and opinions, and whilst I scrapbook it's not very often. But I feel I need to do some other things. I do have a plan to do more dance classes this year, hopefully. Then a thought popped into my head. Why not do an on-line magazine? Just write about things I like and am interesting in. I didn't realise there was such a thing until I found a website that lets you create them, and a few of my friends had heard of this kind of thing before. I got excited actually, could even get my friends or whoever to contribute by writing pieces, sending in photos. I could offer free advertising for people too. Just a few things swirling around in my head at the moment. What do you guys all think? Any ideas or suggestions? Anyone done something like this before? It may be just a thought at the moment but it's definitely sparked my creative juices again, which I'm very thankful for. Why not give it a shot, what I have I got to lose?

Day 123

SUNDAY 4/1/15 - I am thankful for... Air-conditioning

Was feeling very "blah" today. Not sure if it's 'post holiday blues', starting to get sick or just too relaxed from the holiday. Either way the heat and the humidity today did NOT help. I am very fortunate to have air-conditioning in my lounge room, so I had that on most of the day. Air-conditioning. A first world luxury. I know I say I love summer, and I really do, but sometimes the humidity gets a bit much, especially when you are not feeling the greatest. So I was very thankful that, even though I may not have felt the best, that I could laze around in the air-con and watch TV. I'm hoping I pick up by tomorrow as it's back to work for me!

Monday 5 January 2015

Day 122...

SATURDAY 3/1/15 - I am thankful for... Swimming laps

*Picture from

My boyfriend and I flew back into Sydney this morning. After doing some chores and grocery shopping (exciting... I know). Afterwards I decided to FINALLY get back into swimming laps. It's one of my favourite forms of exercise. I find it quite therapeutic and feel I get fitter faster with swimming. I have started a lot later this time round, due to weather and being injured and busy and some other excuses I can't think of right now. But today was the day I got back into it. I won't tell you how far I swam, it was quite pathetic. The fact that he pool was crowed with all of Roselands also played a part. I am now looking forward to getting fitter, 2015 will be a year of health and holistic fitness for me, and I'm thankful swimming laps can help me with that :)

Day 121...

FRIDAY 2/1/15 - I am thankful for... Holidays

Today is my last day of actual holidays... *sigh*. Now I could chose to be upset (which I kind of am) or to reflect on the last couple of weeks I've had. I am thankful that my holidays have allowed me to relax, catch up with family and friends - some whom I haven't seen in a long while - enjoy a wonderful Christmas and New Year as well as Coolangatta with my mum and sister. And my boyfriend met the family for the first time and it went really well. So this post is short and sweet today, but no less important. I'm thankful I had the opportunity to have holidays. As they say, all good things must come to an end, back to reality tomorrow.

Day 120... Still going :)

THURSDAY 1/1/15 - I am thankful for... Night swims

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2015 is a good year for all of you :)

I spent the morning sleeping in a little, considering I was up late last night! I don't do late nights much any more.. yes you can call me a nanna and I won't be offended. We then went to the rock pools for a swim - my mum, sister and boyfriend hadn't been before. The water was a poo brown colour unfortunately due to the heavy rains, we we enjoyed it none the less. We also enjoyed another beach swim, and got some dinner. My sister suggested we go for a night swim in the pool in our apartment complex. Much to our delight the 3 of us had the pool all to ourselves! For most of the time, until a young couple decided to come and show us their PDAs in the spa. Thankfully that didn't last long! Besides that I really enjoyed our night swim. The weather was nice and warm, the pool cooler and we just swam around chatted for a while. Soooo very relaxing! I am thankful that our complex had a pool we could swim in tonight, might have to be the last one before we leave :(

Saturday 3 January 2015

Day 119...

WEDNESDAY 31/12/14 - I am thankful for... The last day of the year

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Today is the last day of 2014. How fast has this year gone? Though I feel like I say that every year now. For me it has been quite a big year personally. When I reflect on all that has happened this year, I see how far I've come. I'll be completely open and honest - I started the year off clinically depressed and broken hearted, determined to see out my life alone as a crazy cat lady, with dogs too, I don't discriminate between the two and love them both equally. Don't laugh, I was deadly serious! I even said those exact words to several people. Then through the course of the year, through a journey of self discovery, with the love and support from my friends and family, I have finished this year no longer depressed, very happy and with a wonderful man in my life. I have finished the year in a wonderful place and head space. I am completely happy and content with where I am. That in itself is such a blessing! I could not possibly ask for more. So tonight, on the last night of the year, I can not only look back and reflect on the year that has been, but look forward to and be excited for a year of happiness, health, adventure and surprise. So bring it on! See you all in 2015!

Day 118...

TUESDAY 30/12/14 - I am thankful for... Swimming in the surf!

*Snapper Rocks, Coolangatta - taken by me :)

Guess what happened this morning? SUNSHINE! So off to the beach we went. I absolutely LOVE swimming at the beach, in case I haven't mentioned it already or you hadn't guessed. What's not to love? The constant flow of the water. The sun on your skin absorbing the vitamin D. Just not being at work is reason enough, and it's proven that the beach lowers stress levels. Scientific fact! I swear! So I'm very glad that the rain has subsided long enough for us to go, even if it's just this once (though I hope not!).  And thankfully the wonderful lifesavers were on duty. Those guys do such a great job! Makes the beach feel a whole lot safer. I love the beach so much that I can't imagine living too far away from it, got to be within driving distance. It makes me happy. So thankful you very much Mr Weather Man! Really appreciate you turning on great weather for swimming in the sea.

Day 117...

MONDAY 29/12/14 - I am thankful for... Not having a schedule

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Woke up this morning and guess what? It's still raining :p So no beach this morning. Bummer. But the great thing about being on holidays? No schedule. I don't have to be anywhere at a certain time. Which means I can relax and spend all day just hanging out with my family, doing whatever we feel like. And that's what I've been looking forward to the most, spending quality time with my mum and sister, just the 3 of us as I don't see them as much as I'd like. So even though the weather is still not exactly beach friendly, we can still hang out, go shopping, watch Foxtel and whatever else we like. When we like. For however long we want. Ahhh gotta love holidays with the fam! So whilst it may not seem like much, I'm thankful for not having a schedule. There's plenty of time for them after holidays!

Thursday 1 January 2015

Day 116...

SUNDAY 28/12/14 - I am thankful for... Carnivals

*Coney Fair, Coolangatta - Taken by me :)

This time of year, every year, as long as I can remember, Coolangatta has had this summer carnival. It's awesome because it only operates at night. Now, it's not big by any means, it has a few kids rides, a few adult rides and a few games to play. My sister and I had dinner together (Best Indian food we have had in a while - Yum!) then our mum met up with us and we went for a walk around. We ended up at the carnival and decided to walk around. Whilst we didn't go on any of the rides, I had a whole lot of spare change with me so we tried to win a big toy for my sister (I can't take it home with me). Alas it wasn't meant to be, though we had fun trying, even if mum thought it was a waste of money. But I'm thankful for these little carnivals that are around the place. Providing a little holiday fun. Even if they cost a pretty penny. Weather here is still not great so hoping for some sun tomorrow!

Day 115...

SATURDAY 27/12/14 - I am thankful for... Coolangatta - our annual holiday place!

*Rainbow Bay, Coolangatta - taken by me :)

For the last 15 years or so (with the exception of last year - we went to Tasmania instead) we have been coming to Coolangatta for the New Year week every year. It started off as just a long weekend, then progressed to a week, then 2 weeks, now back to 1 week as we got older and busier. It is by far one of my favourite places to come. The beaches are spectacular, the people friendly and vibe is very relaxed and family orientated. For me, it feels like anyone can come here and have a good time, there's no pressure to feel or be a certain way and everyone is welcome. There have been some places at the beach where I have gone before and, as I'm not the most 'bikini ready' person, feel out of place and very self conscious. But not here. That's my personal opinion of course. So I'm really REALLY looking forward to spending the week here, have been waiting for it for months! I have always loved the beach and find it relaxing and rejuvenating, so I'm thankful we have a place at the Gold Coast that does that for my family and I. Let's just hope this rainy weather gets a bit better! Darn you rain...