Sunday 19 October 2014

Day 46...

SUNDAY 19.10.14 - I am thankful for... Sharing a meal

For centuries, people have been coming together to share a meal with friends and family. Whether its for a particular celebration, or just to gather to see everyone and catch up. I don't know any culture that doesn't value sharing a meal with it's community. Once a month at church we do this, share dinner together. I found it nice that we were in a shape of a square so we could see everyone around us, everyone is included. It's such a simple idea but so effective in keeping any sort of community involved. Eating together is a great time to see how everyone is and where they are at in their life. It reminds me of Christmas Day. My family usually get together to have lunch that follows on into dinner. Now that I live away from most of my family and only see them several times a year, I value that quality time we spend together even more, meals are usually a great opportunity to do that. Tonight reminded how grateful I am for these times we can share a meal with people we love. Quality time together should never be taken for granted.

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