Sunday 19 October 2014

Day 45

SATURDAY 18.10.14 - I am thankful for... Sight

Again a difficult one, not a very remarkable day to begin with. I slept in far too long and missed my Saturday Zumba class. So I went for a walk outside today instead. Being a huge fan of renovation shows like 'The Block' I love looking at houses and usually go walking where I know I will see some great ones. On the walk whilst looking at them (and dreaming about my own one day) I saw an auction happening and stopped to watch for a while. I also saw some beautiful flowers in full spring bloom (even with cooler weather) and birds flying low into the trees. I then went to my boyfriend's mate's 30th where I met some of his friends for the first time. I was thinking 'hey I could make meeting new people my thankful thing for the day' except silly me forgot to take any photos :p Maybe I was just enjoying myself too much. During the party it was delightful to see the little girls playing on the karaoke machine, the cake that was decorated so beautifully and the birthday boy even proposed to his girlfriend, very exciting to witness. So while I was contemplating what I should say is my theme for today, I realised all these things had one thing in common... I SAW them all. The houses, auction, birds and flowers on my walk and the children, cake and proposal at the party. How easy it is to take the senses for granted? Think about all the things we see in a day, now imagine that you won't see them tomorrow. It's difficult to fathom, however that is reality for some people. I admire those without sight, to have to live without it must make life more difficult though most seem to manage magnificently and still find enjoyment in life like the rest of us do. So I am thankful for my sight, for all the wonderful things I got to see today and hopefully will see so much more in the future.

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