Friday 17 October 2014

Day 44...

FRIDAY 17.10. 14 - I am thankful for... Appreciation

The executive team at my workplace today put on a free BBQ lunch for its staff to say "thank you for your hard work during the winter period". Now to put this in perspective, I work for a large, public hospital. One of the largest hospitals in Australia for sure, so to feed the hundreds and hundreds of hospital staff would have taken a lot of coordination and money! A really lovely gesture I think. Most people here do their job because they want to, or at the very least are being paid to do so, but being appreciated for what you do shows they've paid attention to it. And something like putting on a free lunch for all staff makes a huge impression. It's not always easy working in a hospital environment. Sometimes the hours are long, you could be understaffed due to leave, you may have to stay back and do overtime several times in a row, you might encounter difficult patients, some patients you have seen/are attending to may die. There are days when working here is really tough and stressful. For me, I love my job and am very passionate about what I do, which generally outweighs those bad days. And whilst I and most of my colleagues don't do our job for accolades, it still feels good to be appreciated for it, even if its a simple "thank you" or "you did a great job with that". I was, however a little annoyed to hear one or two people complaining because something they wanted had run out, even though its a FREE lunch and there was plenty more food they could have. That sort of attitude, I believe just takes the whole purpose away from what our workplace was trying to achieve. So I chose to be thankful and grateful for my free lunch I received today, because even though I am one of hundreds of employees here at the hospital, we are all valued.

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