Thursday 2 October 2014

Day 29...

DAY 29 - I am thankful for... Packing.

**Unfortunately not the photo I wanted to use, but due to more technical difficulties, I chose this one taken previously**

Tonight I spent most of it cleaning my apartment and packing for the long weekend (long weekend! Woohoo!). I'm flying to Brisbane tomorrow night to spend it with family and friends there. While some people might not enjoy the task of packing, I do. Packing means I'm going somewhere, on an adventure, to see someone/people. Packing a suitcase usually only has positive connotations to it, in my experience anyway. Packing also means I'm blessed with the ability to travel somewhere. A lot of people don't have this luxury, whether it be finances, physical inability or they just have nowhere to go. We can take travel (even short distances) for granted. So I'm thankful for the means an opportunity to pack to travel somewhere.

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