Monday 6 October 2014

Day 30... a month down!

DAY 30... I am thankful for... Flying

I decided to go to Brisbane for the long weekend just passed. Of course, the best way to get there is by plane. It got me thinking just how easy it is to get from city to city not just around Australia, but around the world. If you look back even 30-40years ago, it was much harder to get around and took a lot longer (and possibly a little less safe?). The flight from Sydney to Brisbane and vice versa is only about 1hr 30mins, making it so easy to accommodate a weekend trip. I realise not everybody has the means to be able to fly, however I do feel that with the introduction of lower cost airlines it does make it easier for more and more people to be able to afford flights which until recently may not have been an option. On my flight Friday night, I was met with a beautiful sunset above the clouds (pictured above) which is, in my opinion, a million dollar view. It's incredible to look out of the window and see the clouds beneath you and nothing but clear sky. Very serene. So I am thankful and very grateful for the ability to afford to fly so I can visit my loved ones who live a little way away, even if only for a few days. I makes it all worthwhile.

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