Sunday 28 September 2014

Days 24 & 25

Sorry everyone! Due to illness and technical difficulties I was unable to post yesterday's blog, but I'll do yesterday's and today's as one :)

DAY 24 - I am thankful for... Circular Quay

If you're catching the train, there's something about going through the tunnel to have it open up to the view of Circular Quay. It's quite spectacular! Especially on the sunny day, views of the Harbour Bridge, Opera House, crystal blue waters and sometimes even a cruise ship are beautiful and something to behold. The quay has a great atmosphere, usual lined with buskers and home to fine dining and museums. I usually am there on a Saturday morning as I walk from there around to where I do my Zumba classes. I never seem to get sick of the place and find it calming and yet lively. I would definitely put it on the 'To See' list if you haven't been there already.

DAY 25 - I am thankful for... Light

As long as the world has existed there has been light. I don't know anyone who can live without it. From the lights in your house or office, to candles and lamps that helps us to see, from the sunlight has sustains life on our planet. It's essential. Tonight at church the gentlemen who did the sermon spoke about light. Being a light in other people's lives, putting your own needs aside to be there for them. Now, whether you are "religious" or not, think how great the world would be if we all decided to be a shining light in peoples lives! He used these candles shown to emphasize the point, if you start with one candle, you get a little light, but the more and more you light, the brighter the area becomes. If more and more people lived a life where they were there for each other, imagine how bright our world could be, how bright our future could be. I'm not meaning this to sound like a sermon as well, but just an opinion on how one person does have the ability to change the world. I think this is really important especially in the world today that's full of hated and violence that has been emphasized by the acts of terrorism by a certain group. You cannot win the war on terror by spreading messages of hate and abuse, but instead banning together, showing love and compassion for one another. So I am thankful that we have light in this world. Both physical light and spiritual light. Choose to be a light for the world, to light the path for a brighter, better future.

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