Friday 12 September 2014

Day 9...

DAY 9 - I am thankful for... Youth Group

This term we have started having youth group on a Friday night and I have joined as a leader. So far it has been an awesome and positive experience! We have a great bunch of young teenage kids who come and really good friends as my fellow leaders. Its not only a great chance to obviously learn and talk about the bible and God, but also a safe place for the kids to be in, to feel like they belong. Teenage years are difficult for probably 99% of people for different reasons and I love being able to tell kids "what you feel and what you are going through is completely normal" or "I was like that at your age too". It can be so hard for them to try and figure out who they are as individuals and that's before you through worldly distractions into the mix! If I can make just 1 teenager feel special and that they are fine exactly the way they are, then I'll be happy :)

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