Sunday 14 September 2014

Day 11...

DAY 11 - I am thankful for... My church family :)

I'm using this photo to represent my Church Family because I just don't have one single picture that has them all in it, and could never leave anyone out! I have been truly blessed to have such a great church support network both when I lived in Brisbane (St Marks Uniting) and now here in Sydney. As I have no direct family here, the wonderful people of LPUC have been there for me and always willing to help and make sure I'm always looked after. They are the most accepting, inclusive and non-judgemental group of people and I'm so lucky to have found them, as were my Brisbane group :) I feel confident that if I ever needed anything then they would jump to my aid, and I to theirs. Its not often you can find a reliable group of people outside your family, but I have. Unfortunately groups with a "religious affiliation" tend to have a bad reputation as being "judgemental" or have a higher than thou" complex. In my experience this is not true. My prayer is that everyone who reads this has or is able to find a support network of people that are truly great and will be there for you always, rain, hail or shine.

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