Wednesday 10 September 2014

Day 7...


DAY 7 - I am thankful for... Coffee!

You know when you wake up some mornings and you're just exhausted, sometimes for no reason? That was me this morning. Didn't have a late night, slept well but was still feeling "blah" when I got to work so one thing was one my mind after our Wednesday morning meeting... coffee! I usually only drink coffee because I like it (generally soy mocha or soy lattes are my drinks of choice) but today felt like I NEEDED it! So I was very thankful that we have a coffee shop in the hospital to buy not too bad coffee from. And like it says, 5c from every coffee purchased is donated back to the hospital. Win for me, win for the hospital. People would call that a win/win situation, right?

Coffee is also a good excuse to catch up with people. We can say "hey, haven't see you in a while. Want to catch up and grab a coffee?". It's a great way to be social, especially if you are a little time poor (I mean actually PHYSICALLY social, no technology needed, unless you pay for your coffee with a credit/debit card...) and its so readily available. Catching up for coffee is a very common phrase these days, whether you actually drink the coffee or not. So why not ask someone to catch up for coffee soon? Its a great way to keep in touch.