Saturday 13 September 2014

Day 10! Into double digits!

DAY 10 - I am thankful for... Free concerts

I love music. Always have. Have grown up with it and have always been part of music in some form. I honestly couldn't imagine life without music in it! Tonight a Christian band by the names of Sons of Korah held a free concert in the city. The are famous for taking the Psalms in the bible and bringing them to life through song. They were incredible! All the musicians play several instruments and sometimes go back and forth between the different ones in the same song! Very talented. But its very obvious they love what they do and are very passionate about it, which made me enjoy it even more. Its so important to find things we are passionate about because we will always do a much better job at whatever it may be. Not necessarily your occupation, but find something you can do or participate in that you love. Its good for the soul!

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