Tuesday 9 September 2014

Day 6...

DAY 6 - I am thankful for... Warm weather!

Sorry this is late! My internet decided to not work on my laptop or tablet and my phone just couldn't handle it!

It's been spring for a couple of days now but yesterday it actually FELT like it! Anyone who knows me well would know I much prefer warm spring/summer weather over winter any day. So now we are coming out of winter I am getting excited! Longer days, more sun, being outside more at the beach etc... I suppose growing up in Queensland warmer weather is what I'm accustomed to. When I first moved to Sydney they were having the coldest, longest winter in many a year. It felt like it lasted until November! All I could think of was "It was a mistake to move!". Of course, I'm getting used to NSW winters but nothing will ever change my love for warmer weather :)


  1. It was never a mistake to move ;) You're loving NSW, don't think you don't haha! But yes, especially today was a beeeeeaaaaaautiful spring/summer day. Hoping they continue :D

  2. Man we have been plunged straight into summer up in Mount Isa. Already getting up to 37 during the day. No fun at all!!!!!!!!! We totally missed out on spring :-(