Sunday 21 September 2014

Day 18...

DAY 18 - I am thankful for... House work

Yes, you read correctly. I am thankful for house work. For all the washing, scrubbing, cleaning, ironing, vacuuming etc... I have always kept my home as clean as I can (except my bedroom, it always seems to come last and be just a tad messy!) and Sundays are generally my cleaning day. I take pride in a clean, presentable home and I get great satisfaction from cleaning as the end result is always nice. Having to do house work also means I have a home to do work in, that I have the means to afford to pay rent to put a roof over my head. Do you know what a luxury that is? Yes, I have worked hard to educate myself and get a very decent job to provide for myself, but a large chunk of the worlds' population, whatever their circumstance, don't have adequate shelter, let alone are able to afford to own or rent a home. We can complain about what we don't have yet fail to see just how "rich" we are in comparison to so many people. I can't quote any statistics about poverty because I just don't know, but I would say I am in a smaller percentage of people to have what I have. So with this in mind I try to do the boring jobs with as much joy as I can. Next time you get annoyed with having to do house work, I challenge you to maybe try and turn your thoughts around; to be thankful you have a roof over your head and can provide for yourself and your family if you have one. You'll be surprised at how differently you'll feel towards it :)

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