Friday 5 September 2014

Day 2...

DAY 2 - I am thankful for... History :)

Pic: Gledswood Homestead in Camden, NSW

It's interesting, as a child in primary school I was completely fascinated by ancient history, particularly Egyptian, and couldn't care less for more modern history. Now as I grow older I love learning about the history of different places, about the people who used to live there and how they lived. Tomorrow, my best friend gets married in this beautiful place that has been around since the 1800s and housed some of the regions most affluent families. The homestead and its grounds have been beautifully preserved and have an incredibly warm feeling to it. Tonight a group of us, including the bride (it was actually her idea), did a historical ghost tour of the property. Of course there was a large spiritual aspect to it but we heard so many stories about the different buildings and what they were used for, the generations after generations of people who lived there and some of their individual stories, all of which were so interesting. I have done one ghost tour of another historical landmark earlier this year and loved it also. You're probably thinking one thing by now - that I'm a complete nerd... and you'd be right :). I will completely own that! Its so easy to forget about the people who have lived before us, but I believe its important to preserve the memory of what has been because those who have come before us have shaped our country into what it is today, the good the bad and the incredibly awful. We can learn from the mistakes they made and relish in the things they did right. Because after all we will one day be the same as them... part of history.

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