Thursday 25 September 2014

Day 22...

DAY 22 - I am thankful for... Staying Dry!

Walking back to my car after work today with a colleague, we thought we felt it start to spit. The weather has been pretty glum all day so we weren't surprised it might rain, I was just hoping to get to my car before it did. A few steps more, a few more drops of rain. I remember thinking "please just wait until I'm in the car!" and as soon as I shut my door, the heaven's opened! I thought that was very considerate of the rain to hold out for me :) Don't get me wrong, I love the rain and getting rained on and wet doesn't usually bother me. But anyone who knows what a wet car smells like would know that it was pretty important I stay dry! It also reminded me of a friend's wedding a few years ago. It was a dawn ceremony on the beach. The whole drive to the beach it poured rain. As soon as I got there the rain stopped and the sun came out for the entire ceremony. It was just beautiful. As soon as everyone was seated inside the reception venue, pouring rain yet again. Couldn't have timed it more perfectly if they tried! So whilst Im thankful for rain as its needed by our earth, Im very thankful that on occasions like today I didn't get wet from it, occasions where the timing of whatever it is, is just right and works in your favour. Besides, I'm prone to getting sick and I don't particularly feel like spending my weekend or next (long) weekend with something like pneumonia!

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