Monday 29 September 2014

Day 26...

DAY 26 - I am thankful for... Messages :)

To be honest, it was difficult initially to think of something for today. Driving home I was trying to remember something that had happened that was extraordinary enough to mention in today's blog post. Work was good but normal, weather was nice, Chiropractor appointment was good. Nothing terribly 'wonderful' happened today. Then I remembered waking up to a beautiful message from my boyfriend on my phone. And then this afternoon, a surprise message from my cousin in Brisbane to say hi and have a quick chat, then I got Facebook messages from my besties on their honeymoon and another friend from Brisbane. Isn't it just a wonderful feeling that a simple message can mean someone is thinking of you? Its like receiving a letter in the mail from someone, or a phone call. Technology today allows messaging to be the equivalent of that. Of course, I mean this should be reserved for people who you are away from (not messaging people sitting in the same room as you!). I'm totally against people on social media when in the company of others - it's just plain rude! But when you are away from someone, a simple message can make all the difference. This blog exercise allowed me to explore every little thing that happened today to show me, there is a little extra in an ordinary day.

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