Saturday 20 September 2014

Day 17...

DAY 17 - I am thankful for... Baking

Pic: Healthy(ish) Chocolate Slice

Being oncall this weekend (and feeling rather tired and lazy) means I can't really make any solid plans because if work calls I have to drop what I'm doing and go. So what better way to pass time - other than housework - than to bake! I'm certainly no Donna Hay, but I can follow a recipe easily enough and love creating yummy foods. Growing up my mum always cooked our dinners and baked treats, her specialties being chocolate slice and baked cheesecake, among other things! I decided one day to try and master her chocolate slice recipe, and for the life of me I just CANNOT make it taste as good as hers. So I thought to myself, why keep trying to perfect the already perfected, find your own recipe! The healthy chocolate slice recipe I found on the internet seems to be my thing. I seem to make it better every time, so other people tell me :) When I become a mum someday I want to be like my mum was, always preparing a home cooked dinner and making treats, healthy or otherwise. I think its an important skill to have. Food is a universal thing that brings people together. So why not enjoy creating it!

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