Sunday 7 September 2014

Day 4...

DAY 4 - I am thankful for... Fathers

Today's blog is an easy one. Here in Australia it is Father's Day, a wonderful time when we can not only thank our fathers for being the wondering men in our lives, but also our grandfathers, uncles and friends. I'm incredibly blessed to have a wonderful father in my life. Even though my parents divorced when I was young, they remain friends to this day which had allowed my sister and I to each grow beautiful relationships with him. Unfortunately, I live in a different state to my dad so I could not celebrate with him (or take his picture! So I settles for taking a photo of a relevant picture :p). He has always been there for me, even if its on the other end of the phone, and has never been afraid to tell us when he is proud or just how much he loves us. I realise that not everyone has the same relationship with their parents like I do, so I try not to take it all for granted.

I also have many friends and family that are fathers. Just this weekend I watched one of the groomsmen from my friend's wedding yesterday interacting with his little girl. He's not afraid to lay down the law when she misbehaves (which ALL children do, especially at that age!), but there's no denying he loves her like no tomorrow and would do anything for her. Its a beautiful thing to watch. Especially dancing with her at the wedding yesterday. She is the apple of his eye and a great example of a dad. So if you have a great dad or know one, tell him :)

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