Monday 8 September 2014

Day 5...

DAY 5 - I am thankful for... Nature's beauty

Have you ever just looked at something outside in nature and thought "wow how incredible is that!". I like to do that all the time. For sunsets, and flowers, animals doing what they do in their habitat. The above picture is my bridesmaid bouquet, made completely with Australian native flowers and seeds. This flora is designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate, which is probably why 2 days after the wedding they still look incredible (except the side it was laying on yesterday, those flowers are a little squished...). They are so incredibly beautiful, as was the property on which the wedding was held because of all the trees and gardens within it. I am so thankful we have free, natural, beautiful things to be in awe of.

Of course, natural beauty is also present in people too. Yesterday, the youth pastor and friend from my church in Brisbane past away after a long battle with illness. She was the epitome of a naturally beautiful person. She lived to serve other people. Her positivity and cheekiness was infectious to anyone around her. She had the most beautiful heart and nothing was too great a task for her if she could help someone out. The world was a better place for having her in it and I know I will never forget the positive impact she had on me and so many others. And while losing her is very sad, I'm grateful for knowing her and know she is no longer in pain. That in itself is a beautiful thing.



  1. Hey are you talking about Louise? I heard the news too. So incredibly sad. I think I now recall she came to you guys after us. Funeral was today and my friend said it was lovely. xx

  2. Yes I was talking about Louise. Had quite a bit to do with her through Girls Brigade and Kids Hope. I used to house sit for her a bit also. I heard it was lovely too. Beautiful day for a beautiful lady.