Sunday 19 April 2015

Day 220... Flying through these!

SATURDAY 11.4.15 - I am thankful for... Selfies

I honestly never, EVER thought that selfies would be one of my thankfulness topics, especially considering I don't take them with just myself in them. One of my cousins got married today. Unfortunately he was busy and not in this photo, which shows myself, my sister and three other cousins. There are also a few other cousins missing from this one which is a shame. As we always do, we had an absolutely wonderful day and I believe the bride and groom did too. I am so incredibly blessed to have a family that I'm really closed to and there was definitely a lot of photo and selfie taking. I think, and especially the ones from today, selfies show the people in them a little bit more naturally. Maybe you don't agree, but I really felt that the ones taken today did. It could also have been because we were having such a great day. Who knows. I am just thankful we had such a great day today and have some selfies to remember it by.

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