Sunday 26 April 2015

Day 226...

FRIDAY 17.4.15 - I am thankful for... Training days


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My colleague and I travelled to Newcastle today to do some training on a new system we will be using at work. It was such a good yet full on day. From the moment we arrived we were ushered into the cardiac catheter lab to see this equipment in action, then a short lunch over reading material and back into the lab for the rest of the afternoon. Needless to say my feet are SORE tonight from wearing protective leads and being on my feet all day. I'm so blessed to be in an industry that's always changing and evolving, meaning there will always be a need to learn new things as they develop. Keeps work interesting that's for sure! I'm also very thankful I have the opportunities to participate in these training days and hope to do so in the future.

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