Saturday 6 December 2014

Day 91...

WEDNESDAY 03.12.14 - I am thankful for... Paying off my car

*My car as my best friend's wedding car :)

To pay for the car I currently own, I took out a loan back in mid 2010, for 5 years. I have now paid off the loan... 6 months early! Saving me a few thousand I'm sure! At the time it was necessary for me to take out a loan to get a new car, and I wouldn't have changed anything. RACV, the company I loaned from, were fabulous and the loan and repayments were really affordable for me. When I called on Monday to get the payout quote, the gentleman on the other end was very helpful and even congratulated me on paying it off early, and cancelled my automatic repayments on the spot. And as of today the money has been officially received and I should get the paperwork in the mail next week! Yay! The car is completely mine! And to top it off, it is a FABULOUS car that has never given me any issues. So I am thankful for putting a bit extra into the repayments over the years to get this outcome. Only debt left is a tiny bit on the credit card and my HECS/HELP debt. Woo!

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