Monday 22 December 2014

Day 109...

SUNDAY 21/12/14 - I am thankful for... Wildlife at home

Just as mum and I drove into the driveway she stopped suddenly. There, sitting right in the middle, was a juvenile blue tongue lizard. It was so beautiful! Unfortunately, mum's dog and my sister's cat like to play with lizards so to save it from them, we managed to shoo it away into the neighbours garden, where I took this photo.  My mum in particular has quite a soft spot for the lizards in the garden and is always upset when the pets decide to "play" with them, which luckily is very rare (they really are probably more scared of the lizards!). We even had, at one stage, a resident goanna who used to hiss at night and get stuck in our drain. He was enormous! But he was more than welcome. We are so blessed to have such a variety of wildlife here in Australia, and many of those smaller animals reside in our gardens. I quite honestly love having them around, and can't wait to have a place of my own to welcome them. I am thankful we get the opportunity to see these lovely creatures up close and personal. How lucky are we!?

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