Saturday 27 December 2014

Day 112...

WEDNESDAY 24/12/14 - I am thankful for... My Dad living in Brisbane

*Selfie taking by my sister (centre)

For the first time, in many, many years, both of my parents are in the same city for Christmas, and we can spend the day with both of them. My Dad, his partner and my brother moved from Perth in WA to Brisbane back in May, making it convenient when I go back to Brisbane to see them and my mum and sister. Tonight we are spending the night at Dad's place so we can spend Christmas morning with them. I cannot describe in words how wonderful this feels. Even at 27 years old, I'm still his little girl, and he will always be my Dad. I have a good relationship with both of my parents, they are both amazing people, and to be able to see them both on my favourite day of the year is just incredible. I know my sister feels the same. I'm so blessed to have parents who love us so much and unconditionally, doing such a wonderful job though they are human and imperfect. So tonight we will all just enjoy each others company, eat a wonderful meal and probably watch a horror movie or too (love of horror movies is most definitely genetic). I could not be more thankful for this!


  1. Absolute cracker of a photo! Glad you could spend this time of year with both your mum and your dad xxx

  2. Yeah I do love this photo! It was a beautiful day. Hope yours was good with your new edition!